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LIP is a world-famous watchmaking company established in 1867 in France by Emmanuel Lipmann, a talented and dedicated watchmaker. The man was born in 1844 in Neuf Brisach and was fascinated by the horological art since his childhood. Emmanuel’s father sold watchmaking supplies, so the boy was always surrounded by exquisite mechanisms and technologies. After gaining the valuable knowledge about the watchmaking process, Emmanuel and his son opened a small clockwork workshop that soon became famous among experts and watch connoisseurs. Since its establishment, the brand has been at the forefront of the watchmaking art, introducing innovations that distinguished it from its numerous competitors on the market. Thus, for example, in 1904, Lipmann worked with Pierre and Maria Curie on the development of the first phosphorescent dial. Moreover, the LIP manufacture created some technologically advanced chronometers and was the first to use quartz technology in France. LIP gained even more popularity when one of its timepieces was presented to Winston Churchill by Charles de Gaulle. One may confidently claim that the LIP company has achieved much to shake the conservative world of expensive timepieces. It was the first to hire freelance designers and first to use advertising to promote its products. Talented designers working with the company have contributed to the sophisticated and modern look of the watches that turned the world of Haute Horlogerie upside down. However, one needs to mention that there were also hard years for the company. As Japanese quartz watches became cheaper and more accessible, the company faced tough competition as it was unable to provide reasonably-priced products. Financial problems have, in turn, led to the growing discontent among workers who were not satisfied with low salaries and the overall workplace atmosphere. In the 1970s, workers united in trade unions to protect their rights, which inevitably affected the production process and led to one of the most prominent strikes in the French history. As a result, the company was passed from hand to hand until 1990 when Jean-Claude Sensemat bought it to revive the old watchmaking traditions. While for many, the LIP brand remains a political symbol, watch nerds around the world perceive it is an avant-garde, luxury brand promoting advanced technology and functionality. During the past two decades, many excellent LIP watches have been created, reflecting the brand’s glorious past. However, LIP pre-owned watches are also extremely popular and rare, so watch connoisseurs around the world are ready to pay thousands of dollars to possess one of these masterpieces. Used LIP watches are indeed spectacular, equipped with unfailing mechanisms that will serve for many generations. Their design is characterized by the cutting-edge look and refined lines, which are particularly valued by style-conscious female customers. These luxury timepieces were made to withstand the passage of time, so don’t be afraid of buying pre-owned timepieces. They will certainly serve you for many years, pleasing the eye with their bold simplicity, artfully-crafted cases, and beautifully-finished dials. Demanding clientele will certainly like these high-end watches and appreciate their glamorous and elegant design.

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