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Locman is an Italy-based watchmaking company creating timepieces for both men and women. The history of the brand begins in 1986 on the picturesque Island of Elba, which has long been famous as a tourist destination for well-to-do Europeans. The company is believed to represent the perfect fusion of Italian style, Swiss quality, and Tuscan watchmaking traditions that create a unique, mind-blowing fusion. Currently, there are several branch offices of the brand operating in New York, Milan, Florence, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, so one may confidently claim that this brand is famous all around the world. Locman watches are distinguished by the excellent quality and robustness. Made of high-quality materials like aluminium, titanium, gold, carbon fiber, etc., these hi-tech timepieces meet the requirements of demanding watch connoisseurs who want to get something more than watches. Stylish yet discreet, Locman watches are unique because they are produced by the talented and dedicated watchmakers who spend weeks on making one timepiece. The history of the brand is marked by several important events. In 2003, the company introduced a watch with carbon case – the first of a kind. This model was extremely popular among watch nerds who always seek for something out-of-the-ordinary. Three years later, Locman has established its own academy to train craftsmen and engineers that could later contribute their talent and dedication to making innovative Locman watches. The company is also famous for introducing the first watch with a case made entirely of titanium. The company’s philosophy is based on the concept of innovativeness and exclusiveness. In the contemporary demanding market, it is not enough to produce high-quality watches. Customers always seek for something new and unusual, so Locman continuously works on developing new materials and cutting-edge design to make its timepieces truly exceptional. The company is one step ahead and tries to present features and materials that will set trends in Haute Horlogerie in the following decades. Each of Locman’s models is a top choice timepiece. For example, the legendary Montecristo model is a luxury mechanical chronograph that features a Swiss made movement and an impressive black case with a black dial and contrasting white hands. Each of the brand’s watches including this one includes a Locman logo, which makes it easily identifiable. History is another popular model with a colorful and elegant design. Available in different sizes, this unisex model can be worn by both men and women. A broad titanium and stainless-steel case is daring and strikingly beautiful, while the quality and durability of this watch make it one of the best models created by the brand. Because Locman uses only high-quality materials and reliable mechanisms, its used watches are also popular among watch collectors. You can find some of these pre-owned Locman watches here, at Midtown watch, and enjoy their Italian boldness and extravagance. These watches perfectly fit any occasion and will complement any clothes irrespectively of your style. If you want to stand out from the crowd, buy Locman luxury watches and feel the spirit of sunny Italy.

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