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Martin Braun

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Just like any other accessories, people have become so focused on the type of watch that they would wish to wear. This has seen the emergence of elegance and luxury watches that are manufactured with the aspect of class and individuality in mind. If you love classic and luxurious watches, then the luxurious Martin Braun watches is what you be looking for. The history of these watches is quite interesting; as the name suggests, Martin Braun watches are the brainchild of Martin Braun, a watchmaker born in 1964 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Braun inherited his watchmaking skill from his father, Karl-Christian Braun who was a renowned specialist in the production of watch cases. In 1983, following his graduation from the Pforzheim’s famed school of making watches; Braun started his journey towards watchmaking. At the age of 27, Braun was given the title master watchmaker. One of his initial designs of watches was one that he built while he was preparing for his final examinations. It was a modernistic table clock that comprised of a Republican calendar, an equation of time, a moon phase running accurately, date, and an eight-day movement. Additionally, Braun had worked with an instructor to design a timepiece masterpiece that has the ability of showing the sunrise and sunset times. It is a concept that he had to work on for more than five years following his father’s retirement. In the end, in 2000, Braun announced the EOS model and introduced his brand to the market that featured a collection of watches that he had designed; the Martin Braun & Franck Muller brand was born. This brand has shaken the watch market for two things-its astronomical complications and above all, incomparable and creative designs. The designs of watches from Braun have stood the test of time. The watches feature an astronomical theme, creative design with a touch of special craftsmanship. Braun’s luxury timepieces come with a unique feature of showing sunrise and sunset times. Additionally, the collection features an automatic winding in which some models display the zodiac signs, the month, or the orbit. The brand is a stellar piece and this explains the preference and value that most collectors attach to Martin Braun used watches. Nowadays, the Braun brand of watches is known for a number of models ranging from the Zephyros, Selene, Notos, Astraios, Heliocentric, Boreas, to the EOS. The EOS stands out as an astronomical watch that Braun first designed. It comes with an automatic winding and has the ability of showing the times when the sun is rising as well as when it sets. It is location-sensitive and hence, you need to customize it to your location for correct display. If you are looking for a stunning model of Braun watches, then the EOS is your ideal choice. In case, you want an added feature of equation of time, perhaps you can have a look at the Boreas. At Midtown Watch, you will get all the models of pre owned Martin Braun watches at a fair price!

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