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Michael Kors

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If we have a brand that deserves to be called the “digital watch” maker, then Michael Kors watches fit the bill. Michael Kors is one of the few watchmakers that have embraced modern digital technology and merged it with watchmaking to give the lovers of prestige watches a true taste of modern technology and classic design. Since the company was established in 1981, it has moved from one level of innovation to another, taking advantage of every degree of technological advancement to give its customers the best they deserve. In terms of operations, the company operates either directly or through licensed partnerships. Currently, the firm has operations in the world’s major cities such as Chicago, London, Milan, Munich, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, and many others. But what drives the success of this company? Behind its illustrious exploits in the market stands a great mind—Michael Kors, a man renowned for his sense of glamour and fashion. He has won several accolades within the fashion industry, and he is a respected philanthropist with a big heart for thousands of people suffering across the world. With such a perfect combination of design instinct and a desire to help others, it is no wonder the company has maintained a steady path of accomplishment. For instance, Mike has involved himself in hunger-fighting activities for more than two decades. In 2013, he partnered with the UN World Food Programme to fight hunger by designing his famous 100 series. A portion of the proceeds of this series goes to feed kids through school-feeding programs. Also, he supports HIV/AIDS patients, cancer patients, and those affected by many other terminal illnesses. Regarding collections and brands, this company has a lot to offer the modern lover of new and used luxury watches. For example, its Sofie Pavé Silver-Tone Smartwatch is a true reflection of its commitment to leveraging modern technology. The watch is powered by Android Wear, and it is compatible with Apple devices. This king size watch allows users to enjoy social media updates, app notifications, email and text alerts, and fitness tracking capabilities. Another smart brand the company offers is the Bradshaw Rose Gold-Tone and Acetate Smartwatch. This brand is king size and it features digital movement. Besides, it features email and text notifications not to mention that Android Wear powers it and it is compatible with iOS devices. Another brand that fans of pre owned Michael Kors watches can enjoy is the famous Lexington Pavé Rose Gold-Tone Watch. This timepiece is crafted with your lifestyle in mind, and it features a stainless-steel casing as well as chronograph dials. Moreover, it is water resistant and it features a chronograph or quartz movement, thereby creating a perfect balance between the old and new. Lastly, we have the renowned Slim Runway Black-Tone Hybrid Smartwatch that takes the digital revolution to the next level. This watch is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and it needs need charging. Additionally, it features remote control activation while allowing users to enjoy automatic time and date updates.

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