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Mido means “I measure”, and needless to say, it is all about measuring time in its best accuracy. The brand has always honored the name and has earned good popularity worldwide as a quality timepiece manufacturing company. The business journey of the Mido brand started in 1918. The brand was created and introduced to market by George G. Schaeren and the office of Mido was located at Biel of Switzerland. In 1920, the brand introduced its first women’s watch creation: the collection was marked by opulent feminine charm like colored watch case and colorful watch bands. The next attraction from the House of Mido was the introduction of a range of men’s wrist watches inspired by the shape of famous automobiles like Buick, Fiat, Ford, Hispano-Suiza, etc. attached radiator grills. In the year 1934, Mido launched the famous Multifort range of watches, where this watch manufacturing company used a self-winding watch movement. The watch range was unique because of its anti-magnetic feature along with shock resistance and water resistance qualities. During 1945, Mido brought the chronograph watch into the market. During 1959, Mido launched its one-case designed Commander, and in 1967, the brand procured world’s thinnest ladies timepieces. In the nineties, the world-famous Mido World Timer watch came into the market. Ultimately, this brand was recognized as one of the best makers of world-class chronometers, presently the 4th by rank. The manufacturing unit of this brand is located in Switzerland with a branch office at Shanghai. Mido Baroncelli Donna Ladies´ Watch runs on an automatic movement. Made of quality stainless steel, these ladies’ watches run with best possible accuracy of time. The face of the watch is of pearl color and its display is presented in a famous analog model. The watch comes with a colorful leather strap, and with a deployment clasp in-built it is a regular user-friendly feature. Mido Belluna Gent Automatic Watch is one of the signature watches from this brand. This timepiece looks smart and classy with its dark-blue face, analog-styled display, special protection of durable stainless steel, etc. This watch runs on an automatic watch movement, and it is also water-resistant up to five bars. Three user-friendly features of this Mido baby are date-display facility, weekday/weekend display, and support of luminescent makers and hours hands are unique features of this watch. One of the most winning wrist watches from Mido is the Ocean star captain range. Mido Ocean star captain automatic watch looks good and it performs well, too. It is a divers’ watch with excellent water resistance. Made of Titanium, the face color of the watch is grey. There are several facilities that can be promoted for its exceptional user-friendliness like display of date, stop-watch functionality, 100% water-resistant watch band made of rubber, etc. Like a new Mido Ocean star automatic watch, used Mido ocean watches are still enjoying worldwide popularity. Are you fascinated by Mido luxury watches? Bring an authentic Mido luxury watch from Midtown Watch home today and enjoy the privilege of owning a luxury watch at friendly price.

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