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Minerva is a luxury watch brand famous worldwide for its exclusive chronograph watch movement. Presently, this elite brand is one of the subsidiaries of Montblanc of Richemont Group. However, the history of this premium brand was laid in remote past: in the year 1858, the Minerva brand was established by a partner duo; they were Hyppolite Robert and Charles-Yvan Robert. Since 1898 up to 1929, the brand was renamed several times. Finally, it was launched as Minerva SA in 1929. The charisma of this brand was not only in procuring complicated luxury wrist watches, but also in manufacturing some of the most difficult components of luxury watches like the movement. Since 1902, the brand was engaged in producing wrist watches, stopwatches, and advanced watch movements. One of the famous chronograph movements was introduced in the market by Minerva – a caliber called No-20. The technologically advanced watch was a big hit in the market and Minerva created a special niche in manufacturing complicated timepieces with exceptional accuracy of time. In 1936, Minerva was appointed as an official time keeper of the winter Olympics. During this year, the brand developed a wide series of mechanical-type watch movements. The brand changed its ownership and became a business asset of the Frey family. At this time, Minerva had a capacity to produce at least 1k timepieces per year. Nowadays, Minerva watches are known for artistic design, accurate output, and technological advancement for making their production always ahead of the curve in the domain of luxury watches. The Minerva vintage chronograph – valjoux 72 is a signature luxury watch from the brand. Made of best-quality stainless steel, the watch comes with a leather belt as its wearing band. The watch case is carefully built with stainless steel and it runs on a manually winding movement that is Minerva’s monopoly product with exceptional accuracy of time. The watch looks good with its classy look and précis on craft, which has made the item a collector’s favorite. Minerva Chronograph Men´s watch is one of the most popular models from the house of Minerva with its signature chronograph movement. Two main features of this Minerva watch are a tachymeter and the acrylic crystal. This vintage timepiece runs on a hand-winding mechanical movement with an analog-styled display on its white face. Made with quality stainless steel, this watch is attached with a leather band for wearing it. The watch looks good and classy with its antique get-up. Minerva Palladio Rotonda is a unique timepiece that has fetched critics’ accolades for the brand. Made of quality stainless steel, this elegant-looking wrist watch runs on an automatic watch movement, and offers precise time checking. The white-colored face of the watch shows double time zone, chronograph, date and seconds separately. The watch is up to 100 meters water-resistant; it enjoys huge demand in the international watch market even if available in a pre-owned status. If you are looking for an authentic Minerva luxury watch, look no further! Midtown Watch has a collection of authentic Minerva luxury timepieces at attractive prices. Grab your deal today!

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