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Despite Nixon’s being in existence for more than a decade, not many people have had the noble chance to wear any of the many models of the luxury Nixon watches. In fact, the watch is only common with the prominent people in business and government or other richly activities. Maybe this motivates you to own one. Probably you won’t mind learning more about this ubiquitous timepiece prior to ordering it. Why is this timepiece so unique, special and stellar? Where can you get used or pre owned Nixon watches? These are some of the questions that first time buyers have. Read along to get to know more! The Nixon brand of watches was founded in 1977 by Chad DiNenna alongside his friend Andy Laats. Initially, the founders were selling seven watches but have since made more than 90 models of watches. The timepieces are trend-focused and presently, they have spread across 70 countries. DiNenna and Laats tried to fit the Nixon brand into sports and outdoor activities. Thus, the founders created a close relationship between their brand and sporting activities such as the Nixon Surf Challenge. They also engaged in jibing activities, hence ensuring that the brand continued to be linked with a fun lifestyle and free-flowing life. The designs of this brand of watches have remained iconic, having been in existence for close to two decades. The watches are unique when compared to other watches in that they can withstand the interference of the natural elements such as water. In fact, the Nixon brand was developed out of a surfer’s dream. The watches are waterproof and ideal for sporting. They stand out among other watches as they create a strong chord between the users and the watches. The Nixon watches are very popular and this can be attributed to their beautiful design and elegance. In addition, they represent connectivity and are rich in diversity. Their connectivity appears to create a chord between the wearers and the natural elements, and also the boardroom. Nixon watches are available for both men and ladies. They are ideal for skateboarding, swimming, as well as for surfing. The reason for this is that this brand of watches is designed in such a way that it can resist water up to 300m of depth. They have attractive features like rotating bezels, stainless steel cases and hardened mineral crystal. Other models have talking alarm voices customized in them, while others have an easy to read sub dial. Have you been eagerly searching for this brand of watch without success? Search no further as Midtown Watch got you covered. This store offers you a wide variety of Nixon used watches at a fair price. Due to the increased demand for Nixon watches especially for sporting activities, you have no chance to waste; head over to Midtown Watch while stock lasts.

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