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From the time the company was established back in 1848, Omega watches have remained an icon of prestige that trickles down from one generation to another. Ever since, it has carved itself a name as one of the leading masters of watches that cut across the modern generation that seeks tech-savvy invention and the older one that desires a mix of tradition and innovation. With its spirit of adventure and innovation, the watchmaker has dedicated itself to a culture of precision. It is therefore not surprising that before it celebrated its first centenary anniversary in 1932, it was one of the most sort-after brands by sportsmen and women from across all fields. For instance, it has established itself as a force to reckon with in the world of swimming, athletics, golf, and sailing. That is why in 1932, it supplied watches for sportsmen and women who participated in that year’s Olympic Games. Such a worldwide platform in sports makes it an unrivalled “sport watch” with very few other brands achieving such a world-renowned popularity after becoming the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games in 1935. Its history of renown does not end in the sporting fields, no. It is also necessary to note that Omega become the officially selected brand for the Apollo project in 1965 because it was the only watch that could work in an atmosphere of high magnetic fields and interference. To retain its place as an iconic giant in watchmaking, the firm has dedicated itself to a culture and legacy of sublime quality in all its collections. Additionally, it pays particular attention to the design component that defines its timepieces among its different users from across the world and market niches. Omega’s new and used luxury watches also embody precision, style, and design. All these efforts are intended to promote its legacy of staying at the top and helping its users to enjoy a sense of distinction that emanates from its prestigious appeal and aura. All these components help customers to enjoy timepieces that offer them an enduring sense of value for every coin they spent. Besides, Omega has various collections that distinguish its users from the park. For instance, its Aqua Terra is a perfect companion for both land and sea adventures for those who love to explore the wild. Additionally, this masterpiece comes in different materials and styles. Another collection on its list of masterpieces is De Ville, a brand that comes with a flair of timeless style. All new and used luxury watches under this family come with an aura of technological sophistication. Its impressive mechanisms and superb appeals “tantalize” the eyes of the beholder as they stare at its majestic beauty in admiration. The list of collection is incomplete without mentioning the famous Constellation family. True to its name, this family is a constellation of timepieces that have carved themselves a place among the high and mighty of the land. No wonder it is has earned the approval of the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology, not to mention that it is the first Master Chronometer wristwatch.

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