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Since Paul Cattin and Georges Christian established Oris watches in 1904, this company has maintained itself as a preferred and leading name in the world of prestige watchmaking. Following in the footsteps of its Swiss predecessors, the firm has committed itself to offer its users a perfect blend of Swiss elegance, accuracy, and tradition. After setting its manufacturing plant in 1925, the firm has positioned itself to avail sublime Swiss quality at an affordable rate. Its commitment to redefining prestige and blending it with affordability has seen it receive recognition from various institutions. For instance, in 1944, it received the coveted Swiss Precious Metals Control Certificate before venturing into the manufacturing of water-resistant watches in 1949. Ever since, it has not relaxed its determination to offer its qualitative timepieces to various users across all walks of life. For instance, in 1997, the firm launched a limited edition of new and pre owned luxury watches for the Jazz Festival that took place in London as a sign of homage to renowned and celebrated Jazz aces Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Additionally, it has also carved itself a name among sportsmen and women across the world. It has a rich collection of timepieces that feature high-quality automatic and quartz watches. It is not surprising it has partnered with companies engaged in different sporting activities to create for them customized editions of luxury watches. For those users who want to get a feel of Swiss elegance without spending a fortune, they can get new and pre owned Oris watches from a wide pool of collections. For example, its Oris Aquis collection comes in as a favorite brand among divers who want to explore the wonders and beauty of the deep while keeping a track of time on land. It features a multipurpose nature, design, and innovation that make it a favorite tool for all those who are seeking unrivalled performance. Its collection of diver’s watches offers real-world functionality in an innovative package, backed by a combination of agronomic design, high-performance materials, and functions that are customized to fit user needs. For those who want to wear a mark of tradition without looking “old school,” they can sample the elegance that Oris’ Rectangular collection offers. Its Oris Big Crown is a testimony of its passion to reach every niche in the professional market. This aviation collection is an epitome of the company’s dedication to keep pilots in touch with time as they fly the skies. Since the 1910’s, the firm has cemented its place as the pilot’s best supplier. It is no wonder that since it introduced the Big Crown, it has remained a living “legend” that inspired many prestige watch lovers with the bliss and beauty of the heights. Since Oris seeks to bring everyone on board to enjoy watchmaking excellence without being a millionaire, the watchmaker embraces the sporting world with its Oris Williams collection. This family of luxury watches is a living proof of Oris’ commitment to serve the sporting world with masterpieces that blend speed and modern technology.

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