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For lovers of new and pre owned luxury watches, Piaget comes in as an embodiment of prestige and elegance. Since George Piaget established the company in 1874, the watchmaker has grown from a small workshop that started by producing watch movements and grown to become one of the most respected pioneers of innovative automatic movements. The firm is known for producing luxury timepieces for men and women, in line with its motto of doing things beyond necessity. With such a motto and outlook of the market, watch lovers can expect the watchmaker to offer them more than just time-measuring machines. Customers can expect excellence and elegance that are assembled with precision and meticulous attention to details. The firm also specializes in making dual time zone watches not to mention that it embellishes its prestige watches with precious stones and jewels. Concerning collections, the firm has many models that underscore its legacy of success and the excellence that has endeared it to many users across the world. For example, Polo Black Dial 18K White Gold Diamond Ladies Watch is one of the models that feature a gold case and a black rubber strip that is intended to give the wearer a feeling of comfort. Additionally, its bezel is fixed and set with diamonds that embellish it with a high sense of esthetics. To give the watches immunity against scratching, the company has fortified them with sapphire crystal. Additionally, users can enjoy their watches up to 50 meters below water. To ensure that the wearer keeps a complete track of time, the watches also feature a date display provision. Another collection that new and used Piaget watches can enjoy from this company is the Limelight Gala watch. This timepiece is a jewel-rich machine that is embellished with diamonds, giving it a rich esthetic appeal. Additionally, this watch is an icon that rekindles the golden memories of the 70’s thereby enabling user to enjoy feminine elegance. The watches also have a bezel and hour hands that are polished with white gold—enhancing its prestige further. On the other hand, the Limelight Gala Silver Dial Black Satin Strap Ladies Watch features a satin bracelet that makes it a jewel-rich timepiece. Moreover, it is embellished with a white gold bezel that is set with diamonds. For ladies who love diving, they can do so with this watch up to 30 meters below water without interfering with the functioning of the watch. For men who love new and used luxury watches, Emperador Automatic Silver Dial Brown Leather Men's Watch comes in handy as the preferred choice. This 18-carat rose gold case also features a brown leather strap that enhances the comfort level of the timepiece. It also allows you to track time by displaying the date at the 12 o’clock position, in addition to allowing you view hours, minutes, and seconds. For men who like remaining in touch in time when they are under water, they can do so using this watch for up to 30 meters.

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