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Piredda & Sottil

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The mention of the name Piredda & Sottil watches brings the memories of the perfection of Italian design that blends with Switzerland’s age-long culture of excellence in designing luxury watches. For the time the company has been in the high-end watchmaking business, it has managed to endear itself to many prestige watch lovers. Additionally, these timepieces are not every boy’s cup of tea, and hence, their exclusive nature makes them a darling of those who want to pay for something beyond the ordinary. It may not have penetrated the American high-end market, but all the markets the brand has entered, it has recorded admirable levels of success. As a brand that seeks to reach to users who have no problem paying an extra coin to get that coveted feeling of exclusivity and prestige, the company has focused its production and collections of men’s wrist watches. But what exactly makes these watches resonate well with its lovers of new and used luxury watches? We have many outstanding factors that distinguish these timepieces from the rest of the competition and make their wearers stand out of the crowd. First, the manufacturer ensures that all its watches undergo a thorough process of manufacturing right from the design to the engineering. Its culture of paying attention to the details of the watches helps in making the consumer pay attention to them and distinguish them from the rest of the competition. Second, the company designs these watches with high performance in mind so that the end user gets the best value for their money. For instance, it builds the timepieces with automatic movements and chronographs. Besides giving users an experience of excellence performance, Piredda & Sottil ensures that the watches also look good by giving them an excellent esthetic appeal. The company embellishes its watches with diamonds and other gemstones that enhance their beauty and magnificence. Besides precious materials, the company also uses unique color palettes that make the watches more appealing to the eye and the emotional side of the user. To make the watches stand out of the crowd, the manufacturer uses a mix of classical features of the golden past years and modern technological innovations so that the watches cut across all the generations. For instance, the company fits its timepieces with oversized dial hands that help consumers remain in touch with time. Another way of satisfying fans of new and pre owned luxury watches is the uniqueness of the watches’ designs. For example, the watchmaker fits the watches with transparent cases backs that allow customers to see the internal functioning and processes of the watches, making them a wonder to behold and hold. But even though these are excellent pieces of luxury that play in the same league with the other famous brands, the company prices them fairly to make them more affordable to the end user. For instance, the average market price of Piredda & Sottil watches is $2,000, which is a fair rate compared to others that run into tens of thousands of US dollars.

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