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If you thought that Russians are good at making missiles only, then you must be very wrong. The sons of Rosh are also adept watch lovers and makers. Even though they may not be at the same level with a superpower like Switzerland, they too have contributed significantly to the world of luxury watchmaking. However, the history of the Poljot watches is long and winding. In the early parts of the 20th century when the Russian Kingdom was heading towards its end, the local watch market depended on a few small watch outlets with the accessories of the watches being imported. Following the collapse of the Russian Empire, there was an acute demand for new and used luxury watches in the nation. At that time, the army, navy, and civilians needed watches. We had negotiations with various players in the United States and Europe to meet the demand but all the efforts hit a snag. For example, the Swiss companies of that time offered watchmaking machinery at unaffordable prices while others decline to negotiate. But in the midst of what seemed to be an impasse, there was light at the end of the tunnel that led to the birth of the Poljot brand. In the middle of that predicament, two American watchmaking firms who were facing bankruptcy floated a proposal to the Russian government. One of those ailing companies set up a factory to make Poljot watches using aging machinery. The company started operations with a capacity of making 200,000-250,000 watches in 1930. After starting manufacturing, the initial 50 watches made their way into the hands of the authorities of the republic. Since then, new and pre owned Poljot watches have become a measuring yard of Russian involvement in the luxury watchmaking industry. The company has many brands and collection that have cemented its place among many users across the world. For instance, its Poljot Traveler 4 is one of the limited editions that sold well. The brand has a matt black dial with mineral glass and excellent lamination. In addition, it is fitted with a reliable ETA 2824-2 movement. Its Poljot Chronograph Date Cal.3133 Manual Winding Vintage Wristwatch is another popular brand that rekindles the nostalgia of the golden decade of the 20 century—the 80s. The masterpiece features a chronograph, date caliber, and 23 jewels. Also, it has a manual winding mechanism that merges the old and new into one great masterpiece. On the other hand, the Russian Chronograph Watch Poljot Moonphase Tonneau is another masterpiece that features 25 jewels and manual winding. With this watch, users can read seconds, minutes, hours, and dates. In addition, consumers can enjoy stopwatch functionality. To make it more comfortable on the wrist, the watch comes with a leather strap. Another brand that has popularized this watchmaker is the Poljot 3133 Victory. This watch has a mechanical winding, and it allows a user to enjoy stopwatch functionality. It also features 23 ruby jewels that enhance its esthetic appeal and value not to mention that it has shockproof capabilities.

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