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If you are asked to name the first five global premium watch brands, surely, Rado will be one of them. It’s like a legacy in the world of luxury watch manufacturing, but the tradition is not built overnight. This blue-chip brand has an interesting history, which is good to read and fascinating to memorize. This Swiss company is based in the place named Lengnau in Switzerland, and it manufactures at least 50 thousand premium watches annually. It was 1917 when Rado started its production, and initially, it was a partnership venture in the name of Schlup & Co. clockwork factory: the three partners were Ernst, Fritz, and Werner Schlup. In 1957, after passing long forty years with this brand, the unit was renamed as Rado Uhren AG. From this time onward, the manufacturing unit started introducing their luxury timepiece collections under the brand name of Rado in the consumer market, and it was a big hit. From its early inception in the consumer market, the Rado brand attracted the attention of wristwatch critics all across the globe for its innovative brilliance in design, technology, and user-friendly features. In 1962, this premium brand introduced their first scratch-protected wrist watch, which became astoundingly popular after a launch in the market. DiaStar was one of the most appraised Rado watches in this scratch-proof luxury watch category. Since the late 1980s, Rado introduced exclusive hi-tech ceramics in the production of their luxury watches. Rado’s High-Tech Diamond is one of the most popular luxury watches in this series. Even in the 21st century, V10K is enjoying extreme popularity worldwide in the pre-owned Rado watch category. Rado watches are internationally famed for the finest materials used in their wristwatches; moreover, the aesthetic features and outlook of these timepieces has created a special niche in the world of luxury wristwatches. Since the 1990s onward, Rado has introduced at least 30 internationally celebrated wrist watches. Presently, the brand has established its global corporate presence in thirty-one countries with 6,000 retail outlets and more than 400 service centers altogether. To date, Rado has produced many world-class luxury watches, but some of them have created history in the watch manufacturing legacy. Three of these groundbreaking luxury watches deserve special attention: · Rado Hyper chrome is one of the most famous luxury watches from the house of Rado. Not only the watch looks awesome with its high-quality ceramics band and bezel, but it’s also durable and splash-proof. The wrist watch meets the best aesthetic quality standards and looks smart. · Rado DiaMaster is one of the best-admired Swiss watches under the flagship brand. Besides its smart look, Rado wristwatches of this category are stylish, robust, scratch-proof, and built with innovative technology. Even in the category of used luxury watches, DiaMaster is one of the most wanted Rado watches. · The famous Rado Integral. In this luxury watch collection, Rado has demonstrated the brand value and finer inclusion of its best-quality ceramic bracelets. The watch runs on a unique fusion of technological excellence along with aesthetic elegance, which displays its global standard. Rado luxury watches are available for both men and women, and every piece is exclusive with its opulent look and majestic appeal.

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