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Ritmo Mvndo

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Ritmo Mundo watches are some of the new millennial brands reshaping the world of luxury watches. Just like their founder, these luxury timepieces have defied the established norms of traditional watch manufacturing. For instance, the founder of the brand is a trained lawyer who decided to live his dream of fashion and design by engaging in jewelry. In 2002, Ali Soltani, a jeweler and lawyer, founded this brand and plunged into the world of prestige watches. The brand has become a favorite among many celebs in Hollywood and across the world. The brand is known for making bright colored pieces that feature peculiar shapes and ultramodern designs. Moreover, its collections target men and women who treasure prestige in every piece of watch they wear. These luxury masterpieces are an embodiment of a passion to get out of the confines of the ordinary. For instance, its founder Ali started by running a small family business before he decided to enter the world of prestige watches, seeking to create a balance between classic traditions and modernity. The company has positioned his as a maker of exclusive designs that give the wearer a sense of exclusiveness and distinction. It has also designed its brand as a mark of progression that touches the hearts and meets the aspirations of luxury lovers. This trend has made Ali’s watches a favorite “celeb” brand. For example, it has caught the attention and admiration of world-renowned celebs such as Larry King and Jennifer Lopez. To make the watches more appealing to its target users, the company has crafted many collections that meet the various needs of different constituencies. For instance, its collections include prestigious watches, lasting stainless steel timepieces, and diamond-embellished watches. It has also enhanced these watches with state-of-the-art technology that features chronographs, chronometers, and calendars that allow users to keep in touch with time at all levels covering days, hours, minutes, and seconds. To give these new and used luxury watches a high-end stature, the company advertises them in high-end lifestyle magazines and exclusive resorts. The appearance of the watches in such advertising platforms is an indication that this brand is a real prestige choice. For the last 15 years the brand has been in the market, it has created more than 40 collections that have gone well with the luxury market. Moreover, the brand has succeeded beyond the United States and gained inroads into other countries where many lovers of accept them new and Ritmo Mundo used watches. Persepolis is one of the most famous collections that the company has produced. This collection features three-time zone luxury watches that also feature a rotating case. Thereafter, the company also launched the Puzzle Collection that features automatic men and women timepieces. Its Quantum Collection is another family of prestige watches that targets the young and millennial generation of prestige lovers who want to get their fair share of luxury watches. This collection is for youths who want to stand out of the crowd and make a statement of style and fashion.

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