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Although Rodania luxury watches mostly have been targeted towards high-class audience, its history is full of recessions and recoveries due to the increase in competition. Moreover, at one point, it almost went bankrupt and had to be saved by one of the firm’s partners. After that, the family that purchased the brand to save it from going bankrupt sold it to an investment group BV Capital Partners, after which it was again purchased by Philip Cracco, a Belgian investor. The company was founded in the Swiss city of Grenchen in 1930, and was initially quite famous for its designs, which earned it a status of one of the most well-known watch makers. Following this success, the brand established branches in New York, Montreal, Brussels, and other major cities. Talking about the product line of Rodania, their watches are not as expensive as other watch brands you might find in the market. Yet, they do not compromise the quality of their watches at all. Rodania products do not include any high-end gems or precious metals, but their specifics is in the focus on improved design and flawless functionality. Although Rodania’s new models have good quality and come at a very competitive price, so you might find them quite affordable to purchase, Rodania used watches are also highly popular in the market. You might want to consider following models: Kiruna Rose Gold and Black is one of the most expensive models of Rodania. The design is quite similar to the luxurious watch design from the mid-50s; however, it uses the automatic movement. It also comes with water resistance and uses Mineral Glass as well. Energy Master is specifically designed for gents and comes with a quartz movement. It has a steel frame and leather has been used in its crafting as well. The watch is multifunctional and shows day and date as well. It is also one of the strongest models of Rodania, bearing almost 10 ATM of pressure. Florence is the most expensive model when it comes to female watch collections of Rodania. It is also made of stainless steel with minimal use of sapphire glass in it. It uses the Quartz movement as well. Essentials’ design is also specific to females and comes with a quartz movement. If you are going to buy one of the Rodania used watches, this might suit you the most due to the variation in the design of this watch. Rodania is known for developing high-quality watches at competitive price as compare to its competitors, which is more than appreciated. Moreover, they have much more variety as well due to lower production cost so there is one Rodania for everyone as well. Thus, within over 80 years of Rodania’s history as a brand, the company has managed to establish firm presence in the international market, and it is now widely popular among watch connoisseurs for the combination of durability and affordable cost. Find your Rodania watch at Midtown Watch!

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