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The ambition of Rodolphe Cattin was to develop a company that would produce and design watches on the concept of Swiss watches, with integration of new and modern designs. Rodolphe had great respect for the accuracy of Swiss watches and wanted the same for his watches, but at the same time, he wanted to move on from the conventional watch designs and develop something fundamentally new. Before starting Rodolphe & Co, Rodolphe worked in dozens of companies, which led him to gain more experience and gave him an idea of how each company worked and how certain tactics benefited each company. After 10 years of employment with several watchmaking organizations, Rodolphe started his own watch brand in 1989. He designed more than 40 models, categorizing them exclusively for females and males, naming the categories as “EXCLUSIVELY FEMININE” (for females) and ”UNEQUIVOCALLY MASCULINE” (for males). After 16 years of independent production, Rodolphe & Co. was purchased by the Franck Muller Group. However, this did not end the production or hamper it in any way. Rodolphe’s team kept their focus on developing new designs and Franck Muller’s team provided the technical support that the team needed. Currently, Rodolphe & Co. is still developing new watch designs after resuming the operation of MRC (Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin) in 2010. The ideology is still the same as it was during the company’s inception, that is, to preserve the centuries-old technique for development of watchcases and combining them with modern designs. Throughout the period of the brand’s existence, both new and pre owned Rodolphe luxury watches enjoyed unending popularity among watch connoisseurs. If you are interested in getting one of these watch collections, we recommend the following signature models of the brand. Rodolphe’s Timeless is a women’s wrist watch collection that comes in many different designs and versions, but all of them incorporate a vanguard style. Black and white diamonds are also embedded in the design with inclusion of emeralds and rubies. Another one of Rodolphe’s gems is Adore. Although it is a costly one, you may find such a timepiece among Rodolphe used luxury watches for sale at Midtown Watch and acquire the mode at a highly reasonable price. The Adore watches are mostly made of 18k rose gold and steel. They also have a curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating and the dial is made of black mother-of-pearl. It is also a water-resistant model. Vision One is one of the men’s collections among Rodolphe’s watches. Similar to Adore, this one is made of 18K rose gold or steel. It also comes with automatic movements and possesses extensive water resistance. Similar to the Vision One model, Tempovision is also focused towards men and comes in 18K white or pink gold. However, it comes in square-shaped cases and is also water-resistant. Rodolphe’s watches are expensive and that is due to their unique designs and high-quality material, but you can find many models of Rodolphe used luxury watches at very competitive prices at Midtown Watch. Choose your own star today, and purchase the watch of your dream!

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