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Romain Jerome

There might not be any other watch making organization with a reach to the level that Romain Jerome achieved. If one compares Romain Jerome with any other watch making company, the differences are quite obvious. Romain Jerome luxury watches have made their name by being incredibly odd and unique to attract many types of audiences. Rather than introducing diamonds or other sorts of jewelry in their watches, they have designed their timepieces with extreme elegance and striking designs. The history of Romain Jerome is not long – the brand was founded only in 2004, but since then, it has already conquered the hearts of many watch connoisseurs with a delicate taste for unique timepieces. Though the overwhelming majority of luxury watches with superior pricing are over one century old, this company has quickly built a reputation of a young but promising brand. Hence, even though it is only a little more than a decade old, Romain Jerome watches are appreciated globally and are in high demand among sophisticated watch collectors. The brand made a striking introduction of itself, and made a stake on the intriguing designs and original composition of the models. In such a way, it made a boom among both journalists and watch lovers. The brand’s greater inspiration in production came from the elements of nature, which may be seen from the description of its major DNA collection below. Romain Jerome introduced four basic types of collections called “RJ’s 4 Universe,” which includes Universe Air, Universe Earth, Universe Sea and Universe Collabo Rations. Universe Air includes elements that have been attained from the auctioned Apollo 11 vehicles, elements from ISS, the Moon-DNA element, and the Moon dust. Correspondingly, Universe Sea includes elements that have been obtained from the Titanic by performing deep-sea exploration, and Universe Earth includes elements taken from the lava of Icelandic volcanic mountain eruption. Lastly, the Universe Collabo Rations, which is specifically for those who love videogames from the 1980s, includes Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and many more. To prove that all these elements truly are from where they are claimed to be, these Romain Jerome luxury watches come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Thus far, the most famous and sought-after models of Romain Jerome include the Titanic-DNA - a watch model belonging to the Universe Sea collection, and the Moon Orbiter Speed Metal watch – a signature model of the Air collection. These extraordinary designs and the use of truly unique materials for construction of exquisite models make Romain Jerome one of the most dynamically developing brands with an optimistic future. Though the watches of this company may not fit the traditional, conservative idea of a high-end watch, contemporary watch connoisseurs with a sense for uniqueness will surely include Romain Jerome’s works of watchmaking art into their collections. Since most of these are highly expensive luxurious watches, there is a possibility that everyone might not find them affordable, but used Romain Jerome luxury watches are now available at Midtown Watch. Select among the ones available at present, and strike your favorable deal today.

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