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RSW started its operation of watchmaking in 1914, around 103 years ago. Although much is not disclosed about the founder of the company, the company was known for creating some extraordinary designs of watchcases. It was known as the Rama Watch brand at that time. During that period, the company was operating as a shop rather than an official clock-manufacturing organization. Several years later, R. Marachly took over the operations of the store and kept on designing new models of watches, following the footpath of his father. However, by 1983, this changed and the small workshop converted into a brand that was launched under the name of Rama Swiss Watch. Not only the designs that the RSW brand comes up with but also their bizarre, yet attractive function mechanisms differentiate RSW luxury watches from its competitors. The brand’s focus has always been on uniqueness, producing items that not only tell time but also produce the ‘wow’ effect at everyone for the first time. This led RSW to develop some really special designs and it became an integral part of the brand’s identity. To keep its timepieces unique and high-quality, RSW engineers designed and produced their models in La Neuveville, Switzerland, at the heart of the watchmaking industry, the Swiss Watch Valley. At present, the RSW brand delivers unending quality and impressive designs of timepieces to all dedicated fans of its production, and any demanding RSW watch fan may select a model among three types of collections – classic, feminine, and modern ones. Even a quick search about RSW used luxury watches shows many collections coming with variations in style and design, which is due to the variety in each collection model - one of the RSW’s key focuses. Thus, all watch connoisseurs with the pickiest demands and expectations can purchase and place an order for RSW used watches. The Wonderland II collection is more focused towards women. The collection comes in various designs for material, which includes bright steel, pink PVD, yellow PVD, and other designs. Strap varieties include Black Stain, pink PVD, stainless steel and yellow PVD. Diamonds are also embedded in some models, and the majority of watches are also water-resistant. Watches in the Chasseral collection of the brand come with bright steel or yellow PVD frames. They mostly have a quartz movement and a black dial. Moreover, they are water-resistant. The La Neuveville 1914 collection is unique, as it follows the design in the 1920s’ tradition. It comes with an automatic mechanism and a bright steel frame. Its watch models are also waterproof and have anthracite limited-edition dials. Overall, RSW is a very distinct brand with a century of history that has already established a firm reputation in the world of high-end luxury watches. Among its novelties and patented elements, you may appreciate the crank crown system of mechanical RSW timepieces and the overall innovation potential kept agile throughout decades of unchangingly excellent performance. Select the best RSW watch for sale at Midtown Watch now to touch its history.

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