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That Switzerland is the world’s superpower as far as watchmaking is concerned is a fact that does not need explanation and cannot be contradicted. With this consciousness and the desire to keep Swiss dominance alive, Studio Divine opened its doors in 2005 to offer the world its brand of watches that are suitable for everyday use and enjoyment. Based in Zurich, the company that manufactures the SevenFriday brand draws its inspiration from various sources such as art, tools, industrial elements, and engines. With such a blending of elements of design and materials, the firm brings out the best watches suited for the high-end consumers who are looking for design, uniqueness, elegance, and unrivalled quality. For such users, SevenFriday offers them SevenFriday watches to help them tell the time and help them to tell their story with pride and elegance. Since the company seeks to reach a diverse market, it offers the user a wide range of series of new and used luxury watches that users can select from. For example, watch enthusiasts can enjoy luxury watches from P Series, M Series, V Series, Q Series, and S Series. With such a wide pool of collection, users have a broad pool of choice. This way, the company has made it possible to reach every user at their various financial levels. The SevenFriday brand offers the user the much-need freedom they need to make their watch-buying decision. For example, the watchmaker seeks to allow the average watch buyer get an esthetically rich watch without spending a fortune or subscribing to the old-school quartz “club” of yester years. This way, the manufacturer has liberated the modern watch enthusiast from the shackles of the past to bring them to a new platform that is marked by the contemporary demands of the digital era. Also, the Swiss manufacturer allows watch fans to get a share of new and SevenFriday used watches in a manner that recognizes their unique preferences and tastes as 21st century users while sticking to the Swiss culture of quality and durability. This way, they can get the best value for their money. In its rich series of collections, the company embraces different dimensions and features that meet its user needs. For instance, its Q1/01 model draws inspiration from music for music lovers. Its M1/01 model features a stainless steel casing, and it is compatible with NFC using the SevenFriday app. Under its V series, the company has the V1/01 model that features a stainless steel casing not to mention that it is fitted with Fast Strap Changer (FSC) equipment. Additionally, the watch is NFC-enabled due to the SevenFriday application. To keep itself on the world map, the company designed the M1/05 model under its M series in collaboration with the Global Peace Prize winning charity Handicap International. All the cash that comes from its sale is channeled to Handicap International to help their essential work demining Laos. These are just a few of the models and collections that have kept this upcoming company on the map of the watch manufacturing industry.

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