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Under the wise leadership and the enterprising spirit of Helmut Sinn, Sinn opened it commercial doors to the German public in 1961. In his initial vision, Helmut wanted to create watches that were suited to help pilots to manage their precious time well. Being a pilot himself and a flight instructor, the German innovator went on to manufacture quality and celebrated navigation clocks and chronographs that were accurate, reliable, and durable in the long-term. The company started by manufacturing quartz and automatic watches but later on, the manufacturer went on to incorporate advanced technology and innovation that have since enabled it to produce complex Sinn watches. But what has made this German company tick with a diversity of watch lovers across the world? Sinn has carved itself a name among the leading European watchmakers for several distinct reasons. First, it has perfected the art of functionality when it comes to its product release. Sinn know that if a product does not function to meet the needs of the user, it technically ceases to be a product in the first place. The German firm tailors the functionality of its watches to meet the needs of every target market it ventures into. This way, it has succeeded in endearing itself to thousands of luxury watch lovers across the world. Second, the firm has inculcated the culture of excellence that has made it cement its name in the hearts of those who are looking for a machine that goes beyond just telling them what the time is. All its watches, irrespective of their target market, are infused with an ooze of elegance and fineness that also tells much about their proud wearers. Irrespective of whether they are new or Sinn pre owned watches, consumers can also bank on the durability of these watches to get the best value for their money. Since Sinn does not sell low-end watches, the company knows that you will spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to get a qualitative watch that will serve you for a long time. That is why the issues of durability are at the heart of all its collections to ensure that you get watches that will not break down after a few months. This quality feature is one of the reasons why Sinn does not bother itself with intensive advertising and promotions to push its models since their proven quality speaks louder than hyped adverts. Lastly, Sinn’s new and used luxury watches tick in the hearts of watch lovers because it has embraced innovation as one of its core values and processes. For instance, in 1994 the company took the bold step of introducing a technology that protects its watches against sudden temperature variation and fogging, leading to the extension of their functional lifespan. To add an icing on the cake, Sinn went on to upgrade the innovation to include high pressure resistance and perfect readability of its watches beneath water. These are just some of the reasons why every Sinn model becomes a favorite upon launching.

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