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In the highly fluid and dynamic watchmaking industry, survival is not for that fittest but for the fastest who seize available opportunities to overcome the challenges and meet the current needs of their customers. Every modern watch manufacturing company knows know this maxim, and as such, it can only secure its place in the market. One of the brands that have kept true to this reality is Suunto, a Finnish giant that has carved itself a name among the best European watchmakers. When Tuomas Vohlonem founded it in 1936, the Finnish engineer was confronted with the burden of wanting to eliminate dry compasses and instability. Motivated by his unrelenting pursuit, the man went on and invented liquid-filled compasses that led him to take the game higher and moved into the world of fine watches, and the world-renowned Suunto watches. In the spirit of progression and innovation, the company has continued to build itself a reputation among the best luxury watch builders of all times. At the moment, the Finnish company is selling its new and used luxury watches in more than 100 countries across the world. But what makes new and Suunto used watches tick? As an innovative company, the Finnish firm has adopted several core approaches that have endeared it to its users and won it many accolades. For example, the manufacturer has embraced comfort as one of the key features that define its luxury watches. Another hallmark that has made it retain a place among the best European watchmakers is its meticulous approach to design. Suunto has perfected the art of excellent and elegant design that defies the traditions and norms of the day and gives its users a taste of the future while living in the present. The third pillar that distinguishes the brand is its special attention to the functionality of watches so that users can get the best value for money. In its focus, the company has adopted a broad-based approach to the market it serves. For example, it produces innovative sports watches to aid sports persons to ply their trade with time-consciousness. For divers who love luxury, the firm produces the Suunto Spyder to give them something that allows them to explore the depth of the earth while keeping in touch with the hands of time on the ground. Another model that has given the company a mileage is its Suunto T6 that it launched in 2004. This gadget can measure the heart rate and establish your body’s resistance level while allowing you to get personalized feedback for their workouts. In 2007, the Finnish giant added another feather to its cap by launching its Core model. With the Core on your wrist, you can enjoy critical features that befit an adventurous life such as a barometer, compass, and an altimeter. Additionally, it has a stylish look that resembles a multi-sensor watch. Generally, the firm’s quality watches cut across and meet the needs of men and women in different occasions such as climbing, diving, outdoor sporting, hiking, exercising, and other daily routines of life.

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