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The Swatch Group was established in 1983 in Switzerland. Under the guidance of Nicolas Hayek, the company was set to help in the restoration of the age-long legacy of the Swiss nation as the world’s leading watch-making country. Since no one ever disputes the deserved dominance of the Swiss people when it comes to watch-making excellence, the Swatch Group has lived its Swiss dream and played its role of putting Switzerland on the world map as far as watchmaking is concerned. Since it opened its doors, the Group has come up with 19 watch brands for the last few decades it has been in the watch manufacturing industry. To make it easier to reach different target users with its new and used luxury watches, Swatch has grouped itself into five major brand categories that cover the following areas: Prestige or Luxury Range, The High Range, The Middle Range, The Basic Range, and the Private Label. This way, the company has put itself in a better position to discern and meet the unique needs, preferences, and tastes of watch lovers from across the divide. From the onset, the company has been using plastic to assemble its watches, and they are available in various designs, sizes, and shapes. But with time, it has taken the game to another level and men and women can now enjoy its watches in solid metal cases punctuated by high-tech designs. Additionally, the Group has tapped into its innovation reserves and introduced other high-end materials to its manufacturing materials such as rubber, aluminum, stainless steel, and synthetic fabrics. This way, consumers have a wide range of options to choose from to get their share of new and pre owned Swatch watches. In the spirit of innovation, Swatch has optimized the power of technology to give its customers the best they deserve. For instance, its breathtaking technology dubbed “Revolution 51” has enabled it to offer top-of-the-game luxury mechanical watches to a wider range of users. In the new technology, the manufacturer managed to reduce the number of watch parts to a mere 51, giving the company an advantage that made it stamp its worldwide authority and status as a true Swiss giant. The list of achievements does not end here because its latest collections such as Color Code, New Gent, and Swatch Touch have cemented its place as a leading watchmaker. For instance, the Swatch Touch collection comprises high-end watches that are punctuated by LCD dials and touch-sensitive zone. The model features a responsive system, an alarm, a chronograph, date, and backlight. For those who are seeking a share of this Swiss watch model, they can get new and pre owned luxury watches that with features such as a curved water resistant case that offers comfort. Male consumers can get these watches in black and cameo while women can enjoy them in purple, white, pink, and blue colors. However, these are just some of the models that have put the Swiss giant on the world map, and so, prestige watch enthusiasts can get more from other models.

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