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Way back in the year 1853, Charles and Paul Tissot established a company that has since grown to become one of the leading and significant players in the world of new and used luxury watches. With operations in more than 160 nations across the world, the Swiss company has managed to defend the dominance and dignity of Switzerland as the world’s superpower as far as watch-building excellence and technology are concerned. From a humble beginning, the company has evolved from a small family workshop run by a man and his son to become an epitome of what quality Swiss watches should be. But how did a small family workshop grow into such an international giant within a century? We have several factors that contributed to this illustrious phenomenon that led to the success of Tissot watches. First, the company has a team of talented engineers and designers. With this consciousness, Tissot has invested in these men and women who help to translate the needs of users on the ground into solutions that they can appreciate and enjoy. This way, the company stands on an advantageous platform of implementing the ideas of market researchers because at the end of the day, consumer will use what the designers designed and engineers implemented. It is no wonder that Tissot managed to penetrate into the world of luxury watches ahead of many other Swiss competitors. Another notable secret behind its success is the premium the company attaches to its clients. From its inception, this watch making giant has always attached sublime value on its customers. That is why it was one of the Swiss companies that pioneered the launch of mass watch manufacturing. By so doing, it was able to access a bigger market share that enabled everyone to get Tissot watches in Switzerland and beyond. It is no wonder that by the start of the 20th century, the firm already had a strong footprint in Russia, America, and the greater part of mainland Europe. For those who are seeking new or Tissot used watches, it is necessary to remember that you are dealing with a company that has many firsts in its favor. For example, Tissot is the first watch builder to invent a pocket watch with two time zones way back in 1853. In addition, the luxury watch giant pioneered the invention of the anti-magnetic watches in 1930. Additionally, the company is the first to design a plastic watch. Another milestone that exhibits its pioneering spirit is that it was the first company to design fine watches out of stone and wood. Its pioneering adventures do not end here because in 1953, it created its Tissot Navigator watch that featured 24 time zones, a tool designed for those who want to travel the world. At the moment, the watch maker is committed to giving high-end watch lovers a wide pool of innovative brands that utilize the latest horological technologies. Both men and women can enjoy pocket watches that are ideal for various occasions such as sporting and day-to-day use.

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