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Following his immigration to the USA in 1925, Peter Tourneau bought a tiny dressmaking shop that had a watch counter, which he later on used as a springboard to build one of the most successful watchmaking companies in the United States and the world at large. From that humble beginning, the avid watch enthusiast and innovator plunged himself into the world of prestige watch manufacturing, oozing with technical superiority and innovation. Since the 1930’s, Tourneau watches have steadily gained popularity among millions of well-to-do Americans and other watch fans across the world. Starting from the city of New York, the company has carved itself a name as one of the leading promoters of innovative watch designs and unique technologies that have made it remain relevant through different generations. However, the success story of this brand is not a fluke because it can be traced back to many factors. First, the brand appreciates the value of giving a user a long-term value for their money. To achieve this goal, the company assembles its watches in a manner that a user will enjoy them for a long time without feeling they were cheated into buying a hyped and fancied model that broke down after a few months. This element of durability in the company’s new and used luxury watches ensures a long-term customer loyalty that also results in referral to friends and family members. Another reason why this brand has entranced itself in the hearts of prestige watch enthusiasts is the aura of extravagance and style that defines the various collections the company has to offer. For a consumer who is looking for something that will tell something cool about them besides being able to tell them the time, style is one of those mandatory ingredients that Tourneau has perfected in all its models. Besides, the company’s retail stores offer the largest selection of luxury watch brands that is coupled with excellent watch repair services and world-class customer service that keeps consumers glued to the brand. As a brainchild of an innovator, this brand is always on the lookout to integrate the latest technological trends that are defining the tastes and preferences of new and Tourneau used watches. With such a consciousness in mind, the company creates fine watches for men and women who are seeking something that will resonate with their modern yearnings for prestige and fashion. For instance, one of its latest collections, the Aviator, features a large case and huge Arabic numbers that are inspired by the pilot’s watch. This stainless steel male watch is fitted with a black rubber strap, black dial, and it has automatic movement. This masterpiece also features a sporty nature and an ooze of elegance that defy time and age to cut across many generations. For ladies, they can now sample the grace that the TNY Series 35 presents to them in five models and various colors. These watches come with an ultra-slim bezel, an extra large dial, and a comfortable wristband that combine to give women a sensation of lightness thereby endorsing their femininity.

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