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For all prestige watch lover across the world, it is not just impossible, but it is also a taboo, to talk about excellence in the watchmaking business without referring to new or used Rolex watches. So, when we talk about Tudor, we are talking about watchmaking sisters sharing the same “DNA” and “blood veins” that are flowing with excellence and everything that defines and constitutes prestige. That is why the Tudor watches look like those that its big sister Rolex has been manufacturing for many years. The big difference between the two companies is that Tudor’s watches are less expensive compared to those produced by Rolex. Another feature that distinguishes Tudor’s watches from Rolex’s is that its prestige watches’ movements are produced by another Swiss company while Rolex produces its own movements. Even though these two companies share a rich and common history, Tudor chose to go its own way in 2007 and ever since, it has built its own brand and carved its own name in the hearts of users who appreciate new and pre owned luxury watches. To cut itself a niche, the company has partnered with many audacious sporting activities in a bid to target the younger generation of consumers who like and can afford luxury watches. Due to its aggressive marketing and branding, the company is now selling its watches in more than 28 of the USA’s states. Additionally, the brand is gaining popularity in the American market due to its distinction that is marked by modern style, dynamism, and a blend of bright and contrasting colors. In addition, its unrelenting emphasis on excellent functionality, reliable performance and its ability to harness and combine high-end materials and modern technology are some of the keys that are opening its doors wide in the market. Various models that come in stainless steel and 18-carat gold represent its collections. Its collections are unisex, and hence, the two sexes have something to smile about and call their own—exclusively. In 2012, the company introduced its Heritage Black Bay watch that stands out as one of Tudor’s most iconic models. This watch was designed to celebrate its six decades of making diving watches. The luxurious machine is waterproof to a depth of 200 m, not to mention that consumers can find it in three different versions that reflect different personality traits. By remaining true to its innovative spirit, the firm updated the model in 2016 to give it a mechanical movement it manufactured and produced on its own just like its sister Rolex. In 2017, the company availed its famous Heritage Black Bay divers' watch in a new all-steel version that features a brushed steel bezel insert and the Manufacture Calibre MT5612. Another model in it collection is the sophisticated Tudor Style. This watch borrows its aesthetic inspiration from classic watches of the 1950s to the 1970s thus creating a perfect fusion between the nostalgia of the yester years and modernity. The model is a perfect unisex selection that fits any occasion.

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