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More than a century ago, Leon Tufenkjian set up his first jewelry house. The man was driven by a strong passion for jewel art and made his dreams a reality by working with precious stones during his entire lifetime. Since then, the creative beauty lover set his focus on coming up with the highest design and quality so that everything that emanated from his factory could reflect these two features. Because of this focus, he has managed to gain himself a name as one of the best designers who valued quality and excellence in every piece of creation he came up with. Located in Lebanon, the company has remained there for all these years but its impact has extended beyond the Lebanese borders and entered Europe, the United States, and many other Arab states in the Middle East. But what has made this Lebanese watchmaker remain a favorite among the greats of this world and yet it has no operations outside the Middle East? What could drive Pope Benedict XVI in 2002 to receive the Ancient Gold Cross from cedar wings that were modified and crafted by the Tufenkjian Jewelry Company? What could drive the Lebanese superstar Elissa to choose Tufenkjian jewelry for her admirable appearance? Obviously, there must be some hidden secrets that drive this company to scale down barriers and build itself a reputation among the world’s finest watchmakers through its Tufenkjian watches. First, the company understands the principle of garbage-in-garbage-out. That is why it pays particular attention to the kind and quality of raw materials it uses to manufacture its new and used luxury watches. For instance, the manufacturer invests heavily in the quality and quantity of the diamonds it uses to embellish its watches. Some of the models that reflect this reality are its White Gold Automatic Diamond Skeleton Watch and White Gold 1800 Diamonds editions. These models of new and pre owned luxury watches are just some of the qualitative and costly brands that the company offers as a reflection of the meticulous and costly process that go into its brands. Investing in such high-end watch models is one of the surest ways of securing a place in the highest form of elegance and quality. Even though some of its luxury watches could go for as high as $10,000, there is always a way out of that for those who would like to pay lesser. For example, going for the pre owned models is one of the ways of sharing in the same prestige the original buyer had, for after all, people don’t use new things because everything loses its “new” status when it leaves the shop. For users who are on the lookout for new watches, the Lebanese watchmaker is always innovating and upgrading its models to give prestige lovers something that resonates well their current preferences. To keep remain on the move, the company is still exploring new designs and style for both local and international consumption to ensure that its customers remain in touch with the best.

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