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TW Steel

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Founded in 2005 by a father and his son, this Spanish watchmaker has made steady leaps and bounds in a niche that is dominated by established veterans with many years of experience. Jordy Cobelens, a daring entrepreneur who also serves as its commercial brain and CEO, founded this company. Born with a go-getter mindset, this Spanish investor has always defied the odds since he was a schoolboy. For instance, by the time he was 14 years old, he was making money from his first sales network. In 2011, the man won the Ernest & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, and he is on a mission to sell TW Steel watches to enrich the lives of across the world. Buoyed by his passion-packed confidence in his product, this enterprising Spaniard is out to build networks that will see his watches sweep across the world and leave behind a legacy of excellence and success. However, the success story of this company is not exclusive to Jordy alone. The reason is that he networks with one of the most important ally in his life—his dad Ton Cobelens. With this father-son alliance in place, the father acts as the company’s creative brain. The “old man” has assumed the overall responsibility of visualizing the style and design of TW Steel’s new and used luxury watches. Inspired by his experience of more than two decades of running his personal advertising agency, Ton understands everything that deals with getting the company’s new and pre owned luxury watches to the market. If you are wondering about some of the secrets that are driving this brand forward, then here are the answers to whatever questions you might be harboring. First, the relational chemistry that exists between Jordy and his father is an asset that one cannot gainsay. It is a known fact that some of the best and most successful watch companies were founded as family units. Additionally, the blending of Jordy’s enterprising mind and his father’s advertising and designing inclination produce a perfect synergy that will propel the company to greater heights. This synergy is enough not just to infuse different strengths into the company, but also to safeguard its operational harmony. Within the last few years, the company has come up with many commendable designs and collections. For instance, in 2017, the manufacturer launched its Volante collection that is inspired by love for driving and designed to “jazz” everyone who sees a car as a tool for offering something beyond movement. It is a choice for those who love to travel by road. Its Desperado Special Edition is loaded with Spanish flair, and it is designed for those who love the Spanish culture of motorcycling. The watch comes with a black sandblasted case with a dark grey sunray dial and red numbers. Additionally, the luxury watch has an extra black Milanese strap that allows you to customize the watch. These are just some of the latest machines that the company has released into the market with more yet to come.

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