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Ulysse Nardin

Way back in 1846 in Switzerland, there lived a talented watchmaker by the name the Ulysse Nardin who established the Ulysse Nardin brand of prestige watches. He began with his passion for the production of marine chronometers and attained one of the biggest levels of success. This success has ensured that many years after his death, the company he founded has remained an iconic player in the world of new and used luxury watches. It is therefore not a surprise his watches have set an enviable record by receiving more than 4,300 first place medals in honor of the quality and professionalism that the brand stands for through its Ulysse Nardin watches. Following a change in the management of the company in 1983, when Rolf W. Schyder bought the famous brand, the company has enjoyed a tremendous turn-around in its fortunes and attained a new height of distinction among its competitors. At that period, one of its highly skilled and gifted scientists and watchmakers started working for the brand and came up with innovative and sophisticated watches. His initial masterpiece was the Astrolabium Galileo Galilei model that was built with stunning and impressive features and capabilities. For instance, this model could indicate the position of the moon, sun, stars, sunrise, sunset, and even eclipses. With such a bold move, the brand could only look forward to better days. Currently, the firm produces numerous watches that target men and women respectively. The only good problem that its customers are now facing is choosing from among the many and equally great new and pre owned Ulysse Nardin watches on offer. Moreover, this company’s path is dotted with honors and distinction. For instance, in 2017, May 18th, the watchmaker scooped the Watch Of The Year & The Best Holidays Mans Watch prizes at the 2017 Edition Of Temporis Gala Awards that was held in Bucharest, Romania. Since the manufacturer was founded by an innovator who refused to settle for the norm and moved on in search of better things, it has adopted and lived up to the spirit of its founder. That is why it is on a constant and never-ending path in pioneering groundbreaking innovations and designs that are intended to reshape the landscape of prestige watches. In its corporate culture and values, innovation takes the center stage so that the firm does not play catch-up trying to fend off disruptive innovations that other manufacturers have come up with. It is no wonder it is now using materials like Silicium in its watches. In addition, the firm has a rich collection of brands that have endeared it to watch enthusiasts. For example, its Executive Skeleton Tourbillon is an expression of the company’s technical prowess and bold design in blue ceramic and ultra-light titanium. For a business executive who wants to manage their time and prestige, they have all that embedded in one luxurious piece of metal. Its cozy Classico Lady Grand Feu collection celebrates the beauty womanhood. It possesses a translucent enamel dial in four different shades that dazzle and refresh.

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