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Urwerk, one of the fastest growing watchmakers in the world, opened its doors to the world back in 1997 when Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei teamed up to form a new luxury watch company. Driven by a burning passion for watchmaking, and a desire to develop a new thing that defied the ordinary, these inventive brains came up with a brand that we now know as Urwerk. What is more interesting about the success story of this company is that its founders met each other accidentally. On one hand, Felix as raised with a watchmaking background because his family has watchmakers who inspired him to venture into the same business and craft when he grew up. On the other hand, his partner Martin had a different upbringing as an experienced designer who had a passion for transforming art and culture using his innovative mind. With such brains teaming up, it was clear from the onset that their merger was going to take these two men places as far as new and pre owned luxury watches are concerned. In the same year they launched Urwerk, these innovative geniuses created their initial watch, the UR-101 model that pioneered a new era for the Urwerk watches’ success. To bolster their position in the market, these innovators understood the power of creating an outstanding and unique identity that distinguishes them from the rest of the rat race. To achieve this noble and smart goal, they have always searched for the newest and most innovative ideas that give their customers something that is outside the limits of the norm. Their aim is always to give the consumers of their new and used luxury watches something that offers them a glimpse of the future while standing on the shores of the present. The Urwerk brand draws its inspiration from various sources such as the renowned 17th century watches, people, and machines. This approach has enabled the company to craft original masterpieces that give its customer every reason to get beyond the “cheap” boundary and dig deeper to get something that really distinguishes them because they appreciate the intensive work and innovation that goes into such watches. It is no wonder that in 2009, the watch company won the first prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie Asia Competition with its stylish and magnificent Tarantula UR 103T Swiss watch. As a matter of established tradition, the company uses only the best and finest watch materials to make its watches. It invests in qualitative stainless steel, gold, diamonds, and Altin to ensure that its users get the best out of their money. This way, it infuses every watch with reliable functionality and unrivalled quality. It is no wonder that their watches are considered an embodiment of future styling and engineering as far as watchmaking technology is concerned. This innovative approach to watch manufacturing has enabled it to gain popularity among sportsmen such as Michael Jordan and other stars who appreciate exclusive value and quality when it comes to prestige watches.

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