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Versace watches are some of the few solid brands that have enabled Italy to secure a deserved place in the world of watchmaking. The great Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, who is the brain behind the famous Gianni Versace SPA Empire, founded this brand, making it one of Italy’s finest. Inspired and mentored into fashion design by his artistic mother, the fashion designer is renowned for his passion and love for flamboyant luxury pieces. His journey took a new twist in 1972 when an Italian entrepreneur approached him with an offer to design a collection of clothes for his company. Six years later, Versace set up his initial boutique in Milan. As he gained more success and opened his fashion lines in the US and other countries, he began creating his own luxury watches with the help of Frank Muller, a popular watchmaker. Following his murder in his Miami home in 1997, his two siblings took over the management of the business. Ever since, the duo have has taken the company to greater heights that have kept it on the map of new and used luxury watches. The company has a varied line of collections it has designed to meet the fashion and prestige needs of its male and female consumers. The firm has luxury watches that cut across different categories. In addition, it has diamond-decorated watches for the two sexes. Some of the brands that have made this brand popular are Versace Character, Versace Cleopatra, and Versace Destiny. For example, its ladies’ watches are available with stately and luxurious designs. They come in pink gold with diamonds, white leather thongs, and sapphire crystals. All these prestigious features are available in women’s diamond watches that the watchmaker intends to infuse a sense of dignity in the consumer of these timepieces. When it comes to its new and used luxury watches for men, the company has a lot to offer. For example, its Business Big Date Power Reserve is one of the best pieces that it has ever produced. This timepiece is an automatic watch that can operate under water up to 50 meters deep without losing its integrity. Additionally, it features a sapphire crystal on a black dial, a strong and high quality leather strap, and it is available in stainless steel. For both men and women, the firm offers a wide variety of luxury watches that suit different consumer tastes and preferences. For instance, users can get these luxurious watches with both diamond and quartz movements. In addition, these watches come with rubber bracelets. The features that the company has invested in its watches help users to enjoy superior functionality and get long-term value for their money. First, the watches come with a higher guarantee of reliability in their functionality. Second, these devices guarantee users a high level of accuracy. Third, the machines are powered by Swiss automatic mechanisms that cement the level of quality you would like to enjoy using these high-end watches. Lastly, you can find them in quartz and chronometer versions.

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