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Vulcain watches are a part of a brand that has a rich history that dates back to 1858. From the onset, the company has always played a leading role by swimming in the uncharted waters of innovation. Notably, the firm invented the alarm complication for wristwatches. Following this bold innovative move, it gained popularity with the high and mighty men of the United Sate of America. One of the leading American luminaries that endorsed this brand was President Harry S. Truman who helped to make it the preferred “watch of the presidents.” Other American presidents such as Dwight T. Eisenhower also wore Vulcain’s watches. The presidential approval of the company’s watches did not end with American presidents who lived in the mechanical age, no. Even Barack Obama, America’s immediate retired president joined the bandwagon of endorsing this brand as America’s “presidential watch.” Another fact you need to know about these watches is that they are made in Switzerland, the undisputed home of new and pre owned luxury watches. The watches are renowned for their peculiar designs and automatic and hand-winding movements that are made in-house. To underscore the innovative spirit of this company, it is necessary to note that it is the first brand to produce luxury watches with mechanical alarms. Additionally, its Nautical luxury watches have strong alarms that people can hear even when they are immersed in water. The list of exploits does not end here though. The company has also scooped coveted awards at various international exhibitions. In 1946, the innovative watchmaker pioneered and patented an innovation called the Exactomatic, which helps watches to work with higher precision and reliability. This pioneering spirit is one of the core competences that distinguish this brand from the competition. In its approach towards the market, the firm has a holistic view that encompasses men and women alike. It offers its new and used luxury watches in a manner that is tailored to suit the needs of men and women from across the world. These machines come with exact movements, unrivalled quality, and magnificent designs. For instance, its Vulcain 50s Presidents Watch Mechanical Black Dial Black Leather Men's Watch comes with a stainless steel case that also features a black alligator leather strap. This model, filled with the golden memories of the 50’s, comes with a black dial and silver hands that work hand in hand with Arabic numbers. Additionally, the machine resists scratches due to its antireflective sapphire crystal. Another model that has put it on the map of fine watches is its Golden Heart Mechanical Skeletal Dial Leather Men's Watch. This watch features a stainless case with a white alligator leather strap and a fixed stainless steel bezel. Additionally, it comes with a transparent back case, not to mention that it is resistant to scratching and it can perfectly function under water for up to 50 meters. Its large Arabic numbers work perfectly to measure hours, minutes and seconds to keep you in charge of your time.

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