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It is not a secret that Switzerland is the world’s greatest icon of watchmaking excellence. However, a few American brands have made their fair contribution to the world of prestige watches. One such brand is the Waltham watches, which entered an arena that was dominated by Swiss companies way back in 1850. In that year, three innovative and outgoing American men decided to take a plunge into the uncharted waters and launched their own brand. In their initial days, their first 17 brands bore the names of the company’s founders—Howard, Davis, and Dennison until they found a better name that could corporately reflect their new and used luxury watches. As time unfolded, these men altered their brand name to avoid bankruptcy. But even in the midst of such troubled moments that the company went through, the firm managed to maintain the trust of the its customers because they trusted its excellent designs and qualitative fine watches. Following the selling of the brand to Real E. Robbins Company, the watchmaker later on changed its name in 1859 to become "The American Watch Company," paving the way for Waltham. Following this change of name, the company’s fortunes changed dramatically and it ended up selling over 30 million watches. To cement its place in the market, the firm has adopted a diversified approach to the way it serves it markets. That is why its watches come in the form of chronographs, nautical watches, and train watches. With chronographs in the market, the company has managed to penetrate more than 50 countries across the world. It is no wonder that the manufacturer’s watches are a popular bet for rare and luxury watch collectors across the world. With a wider diversity in place, users can choose from the many collections that are available on offer. For instance, men can enjoy the elegant quartz watches Thermidor that feature leather belts. It also has vintage watches that offer users elegance and superior precision. For modern women, they can enjoy the grace and elegance that comes with the company’s famous Lady Amelia watch. This model has a stunning design that is punctuated by many lady-friendly colors. It is also notable that the watch also serves as a chronograph with super-large numerical. Besides the diversity, all new and Waltham pre owned watches are fortified and embellished by excellent features that help in their reliable functionality that help users to get the best value for their money. Qualitative design is one of the key features that set these watches apart and ahead of the competition. It is not surprising that even the iconic American president, Abraham Lincoln, is among the great American political leaders who wore a Waltham luxury watch during his historic speech at the National Museum of American History in Washington DC. Additionally, these watches are designed with a perfect sense of exactness and excellent mechanisms such as movements. Moreover, their unique design makes them a rare gem in the eyes of those who value fine watches.

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