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Even though Italy may not be a superpower in the world of watchmaking, a few Italian companies have managed to keep Italy on the map of luxury watch manufacturing. One of the names that have made this position possible is the Welder watches. These prestige timepieces are a product of the famous Italian designer Ital Fontana, who is also the founder of another famous Italian Brand, U-Boat. This fact is reflective of the founder’s perpetual commitment to giving the enthusiasts of new and pre owned luxury watches a never-ending cycle of innovative collections. After its launching, the company has managed to conquer Italy and spread its tentacles of quality and elegance to North America into the American market and the Far East by capturing the tech-savvy Japanese market. With a penetration in such markets, one does not need special prayers to know that Welder is a brand to reckon with. As one would expect from a high-end watchmaker, the company has come up with balanced watches that pay attention to functionality—a key component of any product worth its salt. Besides just creating functional watches, the company also integrates other features that make its watches a real luxury to wear. Its timepieces have extra large cases that give users the largeness of life they deserve when they pay an extra price to get something that tells something beyond time. Bearing in mind that its users are visual creatures, the company has also crafted its machines with bold colors that users can choose to reflect whatsoever realities they want to show forth. Also, the manufacturer has unique designs that are supposed to allow the user to express their personal brand of distinction. This kind of approach has made the Welder brand the choice of the present and future for those who venerate new and Welder used watches. To cast its net wider, the Italian brand has something it has customized to “jazz” its fans from the two sexes. For example, it has designer watches that come in various sizes and shapes that any modern man and women would desire from a luxury watch. Additionally, these timepieces are suitable for any occasion, thereby providing consumers with fashion statements and utility tools for their varied personal needs. Regarding distinctive features, this firm has gotten all the facts right—at its fingertips. For instance, it prides itself in creating feature-rich devices. A good example is its Welder K19 model that features Miyota quartz movement, a vintage 316L stainless steel case with vintage silver dial, push-in crown, mineral crystal, and a genuine leather strap. Moreover, this model is waterproof up to 50 meters not to mention that it also comes with a 24-month warranty. On the other hand, the Welder K22 900 is an elegant men's luxury watch that features a stainless steel case, chronograph, white dial and white leather strap, fixed bezel and quartz movement. Moreover, it looks like an astronaut wristwatch and a robot in science fiction, all this serving to flatter men who love science and exploration.

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