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Wittnauer watches have a rich history that goes back to the end of the 19th century. In 1885, a small family business was established by Albert Wittnauer, a Swiss immigrant that exported the world-renowned Swiss secret of fine watchmaking to the United States. As the main brain behind the family company, the Swiss watchmaker guided the company to become what it is today—an icon of American luxury watches. During the Second World War, the watchmaker crafted watches that were used for aviation purposes. Its popular Wittnauer all-proof watch was the most popular brand in those days and many adventurers in that generation used it in their aviation adventures. As the company grew, a Swiss watchmaking company called Longines bought Wittnauer in 1950. With the entrance of the new owner, it continued to grow and make strides in tandem with the changing trends and needs of new and used luxury watches. In 2001, another company, Bulova by name, acquired the brand, leading it to adopt a totally new look and form that have catapulted it to where it is today. Ever since, the watchmaker has availed its brand to the lovers of prestige watches in higher quantities and at an affordable rate. Besides the availability and affordability of the watches, the company has other pillars that endear its watches to the market. For instance, its new and pre owned watches are punctuated by excellent performance so that users can have a greater value for their money. In addition, it prides itself in its ability to infuse precision into its watches. Third, the firm values style when designing and crafting its watches. That is why unique styling is one of the defining pillars of its quality. Another reason why these watches resonate well with consumers is that that they give them an alternative to the traditional diamond-studded watches that are beyond the reach of many watch lovers who still deserve a fair share of prestige. Moreover, you can easily recognize these watches by their modern designs and the superior technological performance they exhibit. Currently, the company has many collections that have put it on the world map, and they are targeted at men and women. For example, its Wittnauer Aiden men's rose gold-plated strap watch is one of its most popular collections for men. This machine features a matte rose, grey, and brown hues that create a perfect fusion between tradition and modern relevance. On the other hand, its Adele collection is resonates well with women. This stainless steel watch offers a modern woman an embodiment of glamour. The watch has an encrusting of crystals around its bezel and it features a mother-of-pearl dial. This classic piece has Roman numbers and blue tipped hands that give it a glamorous look. The firm’s Bordy men's stainless-steel bracelet watch is another piece the company has for men. This watch has a polished case and bracelet accented by a black dial. Additionally, it has diamonds incorporated on its dial to give it an extra flair of luxury.

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