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Wyler watches are a combination of different components that every lover of prestige watches would like to enjoy. Ideally, these timepieces provide users with a pooling together of originality, tradition, Italian design, and Swiss watchmaking excellence. The history of this watchmaker can be traced back to 1896 when two brothers, Paul and Alfred Wyler set up a small workshop in Bienne. Seven years later, the company teamed up with Binda, an Italian watch distributor who assisted the young Swiss brother to penetrate the watches market in Italy. Following a successful stint in the Italian market, the company changed its name to Wyler Vetta. In the early 30’s, the firm’s engineers developed their own version of anti-shock Incaflex system that enabled its watches to enjoy immunity against damage and shock. In 1935, it took its game to another level by developing its initial automatic Wyler watches for sale with rectangular-shaped cases and double-hulled back covers. Twenty-one years later, the watches underwent a testing in Paris when they were dropped from a 300-meter tower. To the amazement of viewers, the watches remained intact in form and functionality. In its bid to reach a diversified market of new and used luxury watches, the company has a large collection that features chronographs, prestige gold watches, casual watches, classic watches, and limited edition watches. Additionally, the firm has many collections that have continued to imprint its traditional image of excellence on the minds of its users. For instance, its Héritage collection is a modern watch that rekindles the nostalgia and glories of the 1960’s. The watch draws its inspiration from its original predecessor in 1966. It maintains its mechanical movement and esthetic appeal in manner that still resonates with the modern trends and preferences that this digital generation subscribes to. With this perfect blend in place, this watch remains an icon of unfading beauty that withstands the test and change of time. On its list, we also have the Diadato watch that represents the sober and elegant lines that were celebrated in the 1950’s. With this model, a luxury watch lover of new and pre owned luxury watches gets a feel of the unique construction that went into the original model of those gone years. Embellished by its rectangular shape and sapphire crystals, the gadget is a clear indication that indeed, old is gold. Moreover, the collection features fascinating men and women’s watches that offer them a complex and original design that ensures ease of wearing and use. Another collection on the firm’s list of watches is the Starfire, an embodiment of the spirit of adventure for those who value plunging into the world of the unknown. It comes in handy as a tool for exploring and gratifying the curiosity of travelers. Lastly, we have the 24ORE, an embodiment of a perfect blend between classical and contemporary style. With this watch, users can be assured of getting a watch that keeps then going throughout the day. This way, luxury watch enthusiasts get a perfect fusion of timeless style and elegance.

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