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Zenith watches are some of the few brands that have survived different generations and cut across several centuries to remain a symbol of endurance and cross-generational endurance. Its illustrious story began in 1865 when Georges Faivre-Jacot established it at a tender age of 22 years in Le Locle. From the onset, the genius brain behind the company optimized the power of automation to grow the business fast and soon success was dotting its paths. In 1969, the company pulled a surprise by constructing the first automatic watch in the world with a record frequency of 36,000 vph. After another 30 years, towards the close of the 20tth century, the watchmaker joined the coveted French Group LVMH (Louis Vuitton/Moet/Hennessy). Following this strategic move, Zenith achieved a complete makeover, and by 2002, it developed four new watch movements and 14 new Zenith watch models that came in 52 versions. In its desire to come up with only the best models, the company invests heavily in every part of the process so that the product that comes from it is impeccable. For instance, when it created the Zenith El Primero watch, it took more than 2,500 operations and 150 highly qualified specialists to complete the project. Additionally, such a process takes up to nine months, bearing witness to the company’s commitment to quality and precision. Additionally, the watchmaker seeks to reach out to users from the male and female sex with models that are tailored to meet their unique needs for the company’s new and used watches. In its bid to satiate its men clientele, it has collections such as the Class, Port-Royal, Defy, and classic Academy and ChronoMaster collections. For its female consumers, Zenith has series such as the Star Sea, Star Love, Star Rock, and Starissime. The firm’s female watches are a reflection and radiation of inner beauty that is coupled by fascinating mechanisms that match perfectly with the esthetic refinement that only Zenith can produce. Moreover, these lady timepieces stem from the undivided devotion the company’s skilled artisans invest to give ladies that feeling of unrivalled excellence they deserve. Lastly, these new and pre owned luxury watches are an epitome of how daring adventure and complexity can need to merge harmoniously. Its men-only versions also do not disappoint. For example, the Chronomaster is an epitome of precision for a man who wants to get all they deserve. The Elite model on the other hand is an embodiment of timeless and modern elegance that stamps the masculinity of every modern man. With the Pilot on a man’s wrist, the watch is a symbol of a legendary legacy that soars high towards a bright future that can only get more sophisticated and better. On the other hand, the company has the Academy model that embodies the spirit of innovation with which Georges founded the company. With all these varied models on offer, the company gratifies everyone on board with models that communicate different shades of what prestige watches need to be.

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