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Zodiac watches are some of the few brands that have helped to cement Switzerland’s place as the premier powerhouse in matters of luxury watchmaking. The great story of this company’s success began in 1882 when Ariste Calame established his first workshop. Since that time, the Zodiac brand has been on an upward trend of constructing new and used luxury watches that are designed to appeal to watch lovers who have an inclination for a rich tradition that blends with modern technology and innovation to make a statement of style. Since the company opened its doors to the public, it has dedicated itself to blending and infusing its watches with excellent design and innovation that gives the consumer something that beats the mediocrity and the norms of the present. But how does the company keep itself resonating well with its clientele? First, the firm endeavors to serve its modern and tech-savvy client base by creating a balance that sticks to its original spirit of innovation that the founder founded the company upon. This way, it holds onto the cherished traditions of the company that allow the modern user to take an adventure back into the rich history and legacy that have shaped the company’s success. The inclusion of innovation and modern technology, on the other hand, enables the modern new and pre owned watches lover an opportunity to remain in touch with the realities of the present while having a glimpse of the future. In short, Zodiac watches are a perfect blend of the past, present, and future working in harmony to give the consumer a perfect embodiment of prestige and elegance. With such a combination, the company presents its clientele with a cycle of innovation that represents a passion that always seeks to get the best of everything, through adventure and readability. To give the user all the above, the company has a wide range of collections that are designed to meet the needs of its diverse users, For those who love taking a plunge to exposure the deep seas, they have every reason to smile given that the company offers them its Super Sea Wolf 68. This watch features a stainless steel case and Minelese bracelet with a diver’s expansion clasp. It also features automatic movement and a sapphire crystal with an antireflective coating. Additionally, the company has its famous Jetomatic collection that relives and honors its original Pilot watch of the 1960’s. The watch has bold numbers and Super-LumiNova indices and hands that reflect through its sapphire crystal, and hence, enhancing its legibility. It is enriched with an extra-large crown on its 42mm case that helps users to set the time easily even when they are wearing gloves. Its blue and white dial with an orange second hand complete the equation of elegance that any user would expect from such a stately timepiece. These are just some of the many collections that the Swiss company has on offer for its consumers who treasure elegance and pride in every timepiece they wear.

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