Seiko is one of the most dedicated and actively working luxury watches brands of modernity; Seiko manufacturers are always ready to please their fans and collectors with something fundamentally new. Hence, the Baselworld 2014 exhibition was also happy hour for Seiko and Seiko luxury watches appreciators. Seiko presented several novelties that promise to become the all-time hits of the near future, mainly due to their daring design and integration of the latest technology into the classical Seiko appearance and functionality. These hits include the new mechanical caliber 9S86 – the first hi-beat GMT in the world, a patented development that high-end luxury watches buyers will be able to find out on Seiko watches, and the new Seiko Astron GPS-equipped Solar Chronograph model using the second-generation GPS Solar Caliber 8X82.

The GPS Solar collection of Seiko was first launched in September 2012, and since then, it became an actively sold model of this luxury watch brand because of its automatic ability to adjust to time zones, superb functionality, and stumbling design. Consequently, in response to the growing global demand for high-end luxury watches of this collection, Seiko is now launching the second-generation collection of Astron watches that has many more features to offer to its appreciators. 

The pearl of the new Seiko Astron GPS Solar Chronograph watch is the new caliber 8X82 that incorporates the positive elements of its predecessor, caliber 7X52, but also connects to the GPS network, provides precision of atomic clock, and allows its owner to adjust the time zone by one simple touch of a button. New features of the 8X82 caliber in contrast to the previous model include a 6-hour chronograph with a simpler operation, a 30% smaller size, which makes the watch’s dimensions more elegant, easier GPS function operation, and an addition of more colors to the design palette of this watch: the second-generation model can be purchased in the blue or white dial versions, each of which is distinguished with a much higher light penetration capacity. 

The creation of a new high-beat caliber GMT is also great news for all experts in luxury watches production. The present novelty is a model created on the basis of the high-beat caliber 9S85, but its new peculiarity is an extremely convenient 24-hour GMT hand that can be easily and quickly adjusted by the watch’s owner. Such a new pleasant addition to the technologically savvy Seiko products reiterates the company’s philosophy and focus on accuracy, legibility, and comfort above all. Luxury is also a feature of which Seiko always takes care, so the presentation of the new Hi-beat caliber is obviously made in a limited collection of Seiko luxury watches – the Hi-beat 36,000 GMT Limited Edition made specifically as a tribute to this caliber’s invention. So, fans of mechanical watchmaking traditions of the Seiko brand should be in a hurry to obtain an item from this collection!