All watches sold via MidTown Watch are 100% authentic!

At MidTown Watch, we deal only in original, 100% authentic luxury watches produced by reputable brands, with no exceptions! This includes both timepieces sold via our online marketplace and those you can pick up in person from our office in the center of Midtown New York City. Even if the timepiece you have found in our collection comes at a surprisingly low price, it is not because it is a fake – it is because we have a unique pricing politics allowing us to sell authentic luxury watches at wholesale prices. Thus, dealing with us is not only your perfect chance to get a 100% original timepiece but also a great opportunity to do it without spending a fortune. It is highly unlikely that any other online company or your local dealer can offer you the same!

What is wrong with fake watches?

Please note that MidTown Watch is not an authorized dealer and in no way related to any of the luxury watch manufacturers. What we do is we resell unworn and pre-owned watches to customers looking for high-quality timepieces at a lower price range. However, even though we are not limited by any manufacturers’ restrictions, we still deal in only 100% authentic luxury watches, without a single fake in our collection. Why? There are two major reasons for that.

First of all, despite the fact that fake watches may look good and sometimes even similar to their genuine counterparts, the truth is that they usually work effectively for only a very short period of time, not to mention that they lose their attractiveness after just a few days of wear. At MidTown Watch, we do not want our customers to spend their money on something they are sure to be disappointed in, and that is the second reason why you won’t find fake watches in your collection. We respect our customers and always do our best to provide them with only premium quality products and services, thus maintaining our reputation of a trustworthy marketplace for unworn and pre-owned luxury watches.

Are aftermarket watches fakes?

No, aftermarket watches are not fakes. They are the same authentic timepieces with, however, some aftermarket adjustments made. These may include professionally set diamonds, replaced strap, or some added parts that do not affect the integrity of the watch movement and its main features. Such timepieces usually come at a lower price as compared to the similar original watches in the same condition, though it is not always the case. For example, if the previous owner of the watch has added diamonds to it, its asking price can be higher as compared to a watch of the same brand and model without diamonds.

One more important thing to take into account when choosing a luxury watch is that gold-plated watches are not necessarily fakes. In fact, many reputable companies produce gold-plated watches as part of their collections. Thereby, even though many replica watches come in gold-plated metal, it does not mean that all gold-plated timepieces are fakes. You can easily check this by comparing the watch you want to buy with the manufacturer’s specifications and records, using its reference number.

Anyway, if the watch is gold-plated or there are any aftermarket adjustments made, we always include this information in its description to help you make a deliberate decision.

Where do we get our watches?

Most of the luxury watches available for sale through MidTown Watch come from our reliable partners whom we have been working with for many years and who have already proven their commitment to dealing in only authentic luxury watches, which is confirmed by all necessary documentation and invoices.

Besides, Ariel and Michael Shimunov, the founders of MidTown Watch and recognized experts in many luxury watch brands, spend much time traveling the world in search of the rare authentic timepieces that can be added to our online collection. In such a case, each watch is carefully checked by the Shimunov brothers themselves, whose reputation is beyond question.

However, since at MidTown Watch, we also buy pre-owned watches from our customers, we consider it our duty to assure you that each and every timepiece is professionally examined and tested by our experienced watchmakers prior being placed for sale. This process is not neglected even when the watch comes with its original box and papers.

This all allows us to guarantee that absolutely all watches listed in the MidTown Watch catalog, both unworn and pre-owned, are 100% authentic and original. We take care of our reputation and offer our customers only the best timepieces at the lowest prices possible, providing them with a unique opportunity to acquire gold, diamond, and sometimes even brand new watches without spending a fortune.

If for some reason you think you get an unauthentic watch from us, though it is highly unlikely, we will refund its cost, including the cost of insurance and shipping. However, keep in mind that in such a case, you will be required to provide us with an official letter from an authorized dealer or an accredited company dealing with similar timepieces, stating that your newly acquired watch is not original.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information regarding timepieces available for sale at MidTown Watch!