Sell Your Watch

Want the old watch you have not used for many years to be turned into cash? That’s easy with MidTown Watch! Moreover, we offer the simplest and most straightforward selling process ever!

At MidTown Watch, we are constantly looking for an opportunity to complement our collection of pre-owned luxury watches with more interesting models and, thereby, are always ready to buy authentic timepieces created by the leading brands. Even if your watch is not in its perfect condition, we will be happy to buy it from you, clean it up, make some repairs if necessary, and give it one more chance to find the owner through our online selling platform.

How does it work?

We offer a very easy and hassle-free service for your convenience. You simply need to give us details about your watch and send several photos so that we could provide you with an estimate on its attainable price range. Keep in mind that any additional information about the brand, condition, model, or included documentation you have can help you get a better deal on your old watch.

In case you like our offer, carefully pack your luxury watch and send it to our New York office. Once we receive your package, our professional watchmakers will examine the watch to make the final determination. Depending on their conclusions, we will offer you the most accurate price for your timepiece. If you agree with it, the cash is on its way to you! If not, you will simply get your watch back.

Why sell your old watch to MidTown Watch rather than to your local pawn shop?

It is not recommended to sell high-end luxury watches, especially old and used watches, to pawn shops for a simple reason: you will never get top dollar for your watch at such a place. The fact is that most of your local pawn shops are likely to know nothing about branded timepieces and complicated movements they are equipped with. What they do is they offer you money for the material or gems your timepiece is made of. However, since a luxury watch is not only a beautiful accessory but also a sophisticated mechanism, it should be valued as deserved. Thereby, if you want to get what your timepiece is truly worth, go to MidTown Watch for a fair deal. Specializing in selling, buying, collecting, and trading new and pre-owned luxury watches for many years, we are your best chance to get top dollar for any of your old timepieces.

Besides, we can offer you a unique opportunity to put the value of your old watch toward the purchase of any other timepiece you can find in our catalog. Thus, you can not only get rid of something you do not actually use, but also buy a luxury watch you have always dreamed of at a much lower price.

Finally, what can be better than selling and buying high-end watches from the comfort and safety of your own home? It is as easy as 1-2-3! Just let us know what you want to sell or buy, and we will take care of the rest!