At MidTown Watch, we guarantee that every luxury watch, unworn or pre-owned, is carefully checked and tested by our experienced watchmakers before going online for sale. However, since luxury watches are complicated mechanisms composed of many parts, it is never superfluous to have any additional guarantees in case something goes wrong inside your timepiece. Even though we cannot provide you with a manufacturer’s original warranty, as we are not authorized dealers, we can still offer you our in-house warranties, available in standard and extended options.

What does our standard warranty cover?

At MidTown Watch, we offer the warranty that covers the watch movement repairs only. It does not cover any external repairs, including those on cases, straps, bracelets, buckles, and crystals, as well as water damage, battery replacement, overhauls, and other maintenance.

Please note that before to make any repairs, our watchmakers will carefully examine your luxury watch to find out the cause or causes of the malfunction and to determine whether the required repair is covered under our warranty.

How long is your timepiece covered by MidTown Watch standard warranty?

The duration of our standard warranty depends on whether the purchased luxury watch is pre-owned or unworn. For pre-owned timepieces, we offer a 90-day warranty, while new and unworn watches come with a warranty that is valid for up to 1 year.

How can you get an extended warranty?

Our extended warranty can be purchased at the time of the luxury watch sale by adding 8% to its total price. This will stretch our standard warranty to 1 year for pre-owned timepieces and 2 years for new and unworn ones.

How to repair your luxury watch after its warranty expires?

At MidTown Watch, we offer professional watch repair services to everyone looking for qualified help with his or her timepiece. Thereby, if you need any repair that is not covered by our warranty or your warranty has already expired, you still can get your watch repaired by our experienced watchmakers. Just let us know about your problem so that we could quote the repair work. The cost of our services is determined on a case by case basis. Keep in mind that we will additionally charge you $45 for housing your timepiece and moving it to and from our repair center.

IMPORTANT: All shipping costs are your responsibility, no matter whether your luxury watch is under our warranty or not.