Trade-in Policy

Just like any other luxury watch connoisseur, chances are that you have one or two timepieces that you love and adore the most, no matter how many watches there are actually in your collection. However, what if we say that now you can exchange any of those pieces you do not wear for something new that could also become your favorite? That’s possible with MidTown Watch!

Our online marketplace for unworn and pre-owned luxury watches is already recognized as the best place to come for an affordable timepiece created by one of the leading watchmaking companies, but we have taken it a step further. Thus, at MidTown Watch, we are not just selling and buying new and used watches – we are giving our customers a unique opportunity to trade in their old timepieces for those available in our catalog, thus providing them with the easiest and most beneficial way to add something new to their collections.

Just imagine, now you can get a luxury watch you have always dreamed of at a much lower price thanks to that old timepiece in your closet you have not worn for years. Moreover, chances are that another collector is surfing the Internet right now, trying to find that old timepiece your do not actually need. In other words, our Trade-In option is a win-win for all sides, so why not take advantage of such a great deal? Besides, do not worry if your old watch is not in its perfect condition, as our watchmakers can make it like new for its next happy owner.

However, keep in mind that at MidTown Watch, we can accept a trade-in only in case your old timepiece works, is not physically broken or damaged, does not have engravings, or, at least, can be repaired without replacement. In general, the better condition of your old watch, the better deal you will get. Anyway, before to make any decision regarding your timepiece, our watchmakers should examine its ins and outs to assess its overall value, condition, and authenticity. If everything is OK, you will get an opportunity to put the value of your old timepiece toward the purchase of a new one from our unique collection of unworn and pre-owned luxury watches.