Watch Repair Services

Even though MidTown Watch is not a repair center, we offer our customers comprehensive watch repair services for a simple reason: it is impossible to be the leading online marketplace for pre-owned luxury watches without having the ability to examine and repair them professionally.

Aimed to provide the best services ever, we work with only trusted watchmakers who have proven to be true experts in their field. Throughout the many years of this partnership, we have already repaired, cleaned up, and put into perfect working order many timepieces created by different watchmaking companies, which allows us to guarantee professional and on-time repair service, as well as complete customer satisfaction with the result of our work. Thus, whether your luxury watch warranty has already expired or you don’t have it all, MidTown Watch is always a good place to come to. So no need to hire an average-Joe repairman, risking damaging your luxury watch even more! From a simple maintenance and battery replacement to the complex repair of the watch movement, our talented watchmakers are always ready to help!

How does it work?

The whole process of watch repair with MidTown Watch is very simple and requires minimum effort from you. In fact, all you need to do is to send your luxury watch to our New York office so that we could carefully examine it and give you a repair estimate. If you agree with it, our professional watchmakers will fix all malfunctions as quickly as possible. Once their work is complete, we will send your watch back to you in its perfect working condition. In case you do not agree with our estimate, you will get your timepiece back without any repair work done, just in the same condition as received by us.

Keep in mind that regardless of whether we do any repairs on your watch or not, you will be charged a round-trip shipping fee ($40 for domestic customers and $140 for international customers), plus a non-refundable $40 handling fee for housing, inspection, and moving your watch to and from our repair center.

Thus, in addition to repair fees, you will have to pay for handling and round-trip shipping, which makes $80 if you are a domestic customer and $180 if you are an international customer.

What is the cost of our watch repair services?

The cost of our watch repair services depend on the type of timepiece, material it is made of, cause of the malfunction, and many other factors, so it is always determined on a case by case basis.

For example, refinishing of the watch case may cost you:

  • $150 - $225 for a stainless steel watch;

  • $275 - $350 for an 18k gold or platinum watch;

  • upon request for a titanium or any other watch.

Battery replacement on the quartz watch will cost you $25. However, we will do it for you for free if your watch is undergoing any other repair performed by our watchmakers. Battery replacement in such a case is always included as part of our services.

Besides, if you order any of our repair services, we will perform a waterproof test and a general inspection on the watch movement accuracy also for free.

Please note that at MidTown Watch, we cannot get the parts needed for your watch repair from an authorized dealer. All parts are ordered by our watchmakers from third parties, which is a common practice in the watch repair field. The cost of all parts needed for the completion of the repair will be included in the total estimate before any work being done.

MidTown Watch guarantees that all watch repairs performed by our watchmakers are made in a timely manner and according to the highest standards of quality. The overall process does not usually exceed 60 days.