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Ice Tek

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Want to buy a colorful luxury diamond studded watch? If yes, Ice Tek luxury watches are one of the best options for you for their exquisite look, fabulous performance, and solid resale value. Not only these premium watches are wonderful items to collect; the history of Ice Tek brand is equally colorful for their vivacity and versatility. The brand was introduced by a partner duo: they are Daniel Pasternak and Greg Cummings. The company’s first office was set in New York, USA in 2003. Right from the beginning, the gorgeous diamond studded look of the Ice Tek watches attracted celebrities and soon after its launching, the Ice Tek brand enjoyed popularity in the celebrity circle. During 2004, P. Diddy, a famous music composer of Hollywood, became keen to be a major shareholder in Ice Tek, and that merger actually gave a big break for the brand. The brand achieved wide publicity, and premium watches started selling like hot cake. One of the best features of Ice tek is its clear division of watches between men and women, though both product lines have their distinctive charm. Studded diamond was always an integral part of the Ice Tek watch design. Along with it, multiple time zones on the dial and color of the dial are the basic features of these branded watches. Wrist watch collections like Magnum XXL, Quintempo, and Roman Ice Grande are some of the most appraised ones from this premium brand. Ice Tek watches come in four fashions: the women’s watch (“Valentine”) and men’s models (“Magnum,” “Classic Chrono,” and “Quintempo”). The company Ice Tek is an avid patron of sports and this is one of the reasons they sponsor the US football team every year. The premium watch manufacturing company produces watches both on quartz movement and automatic movement nowadays. The Ice Tek Quintempo Diamond Watch is indeed a masterpiece by look and by its technology. It is a large dial-sized wrist watch with 5 time zones inscribed on the dial. The watch runs on the quartz movement, and its case is made of stainless steel; there is a leather band attached to the wrist watch. Ice-Tek Men's IP Magnum XXL designer watch is made of best-quality stainless steel. The watch runs on quartz Swiss movement. The watch comes with up to 50 meters of water resistance, its dial color is white, the strap comes with best-quality leather, and the watch is available in three different colors - black, blue, and white. IceTek Chrono Wrist Watch Diamond Swiss Stainless runs on quartz Swiss movement and it looks neat and clean by its dial color and look. The watch comes with a genuine leather band and the Ice Tek logo is embossed on the dial. The watch looks smart and sleek, which is an added advantage of wearing this category of shoes. Ice-Tek used watches are available now for online purchase. If you want to buy some quality used luxury watches at budget price, contact as Midtown Watch to check the stock.

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