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Leon Hatot

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Leon Hatot is a famous jewelry and watchmaking brand creating one of the most beautiful and elegant timepieces. The history of the brand is closely connection with Léon Hatot, the famous jeweler and watchmaker born in 1883. The man studied the watchmaking art for several years and then applied the acquired knowledge in the production of clocks, jewelry, and case mechanisms. In 1911, the talented and ambitious 22-year-old artist came to Paris, where he established his own small business. Hatot’s talent attracted attention of the most famous watchmaking houses, and soon, the man was invited to work with such famous companies as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Boucheron. During that period, Hatot developed vital skills that made him one of the most competent and committed craftsmen in the industry. After the World War I, the man returned to his work and cooperated with Marius Lavet – a professional engineer who helped to make Hatot’s watches technically advanced and durable. Hatot aimed at expanding and developing his business, so he acquired Bredillard, a local watch manufacturer, and established a research center whose main goal was to explore electric cells and their potential application in watchmaking. This investment benefited the company greatly as experts introduced an innovative technology allowing to create excellent electric clocks. As the business developed, the company attracted an increasing number of clients – all rich, discerning individuals who wanted to highlight their high status with luxury accessories. However, as the crisis hit the USA and Europe, the watchmaking business also suffered, and Hatot lost some of his devoted clients. Nevertheless, despite the difficulties and financial problems, the brand continued working on technically advanced products. Thus, for example, Hatot invented the automatic winding timepiece “Rolls,” the distinguishing feature of which was its movement powered by the motion of an arm placed inside the case. This innovation allowed the company to create small watches that were popular among ladies during that period. Needless to say, this invention made Leon Hatot watches extremely valued by female customers who wanted to keep up with the trends. Léon Hatot lived a long and active life and introduced technologies that changed Haute Horology once and for all. He died in 1953, leaving the huge legacy that has been preserved and developed ever since by the Swatch Group that bought the brand. Leon Hatot is famous for its collections of luxury women’s watches, which were created to complement the perfect style of their owners. These precious timepieces are for free, passionate women who know how to achieve their goals and value timeless beauty and quality. Equipped with automatic mechanical movement and Swiss-made quartz movement, these watches are admired by the customers with the most demanding tastes who seek for something more than a device to measure time. All pre-owned Leon Hatot watches were inspired by the glorious Art Deco period and Belle Epoch that still attract attention of artists all over the world. Therefore, Leon Hatot used watches are sometimes valued even more that new models of luxury watch producers because they represent the immaculate style of the old times.

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